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No i'm not buying it now but they're not the bright orange oh they don't have the die in them no they're white but they still taste that same really sharp cheddar flavor they're really good and you get them individually wrapped packs which is nice so then you don't eat the whole bag so i buy those for my children and then i eat them all oh yeah so you know my parents i told you my dad has a canny georgina what else they have at their house what they have those gigantic multi pack frito lay of all the chips like unfree does cheetos doritos who ranch on reto on ships and they by six of those mega bags at a time so whenever i go over there to say hello i'll just go ahead and grab myself a couple bags of cheetos because if you had to if you had to choose from a frito lay variety bag would you choose favorite gosh that's tough i'm going to have to go with nacho cheese doritos really old school because i like msg yeah i love to get myself migrants kristen so i go rate or the doritos that's what i do well i think i would go straight for just plain old cheetos than i would have orange fingers are so good and then sometimes you just need the just the the chips potato chips the yellow bag oh i don't like those now what what what do you like fritos.

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