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Probably not trying to kill my team teammates. I think really. Every, single day now at some point, it's like. Stop. Talking I don't care whether you know Rondo allows next year. At some point you do really like butt heads with each other so. Trying to keep my sanity chemo, my own time space, and then obviously just trying to stay in touch. With the real world and everything. And this is going to be insane. It's like I. Almost Forget. They're actually going to go through with this or that's the plan still with everything. Going on, it's like Oh my God. We're going to try and play basketball in a dome verbiage in a bubble. Whatever the hell you WANNA, call it on this campus environment. It just seems it seems like something we would try and write and people be like now. We're not doing unbelievable man. We're going GONNA. Pass on that script you like. No, we're going to try this. Wyoming solid of the as early nineties out steam bio down. I know what happens when you got Ali, Short. Brother was to be. Like forty of them, you know. But you got you got going in and out of the Dome of having turned ups and all that type of stuff. You can't tell me like hard to some of these other. That enjoy hitting nightclubs, you know gentlemen of Leisure are going to try to turn up in the bubble. It's going to be a lot honestly a lot of stuff that only if people are thinking about like I g mile, shortages and Champagne just all types of things they're. They're really pulling from the same pot there. So how'd you models one person? Somebody else's kind of beef. Is that going to cause? You'll be doing it or Westbrook's and hardens game in the stance talking shit like it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be interesting to see I. Think we're seeing these two kind of a whole new way. I'm kind of excited about it. If it doesn't happen right yeah I definitely hope we get some sorta moments where you know a player is watching another team play and they're talking trash to them. That's that's what it would be happening at an Aa you tournament rightly. Going and checking in on everybody else to see how they're doing Hopefully, that's the case when you're still making millions of bucks for sure I'm. Does like doing breaking stuff, too. I know that was kind of a fun thing that you have talked tent. Fifty team stayed in a hotel together. We we didn't know each other, but you know you're getting. You're getting all type of shit going on at my you know. Tune.

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