Amy Morris, Nathan Karen, President Biden discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Moscow and U.S. futures are hired to start the week We're coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures up about 13 points Now futures of a 147 and NASDAQ futures up ten The Dax in Germany is up 9 tenths of a percent ten year treasury down 6 30 seconds You had 1.47% and the yield on the two year .28% 9 X crude oil is up one and a half percent Nathan Karen we begin in Washington this morning with new developments on President Biden's infrastructure package House speaker Nancy Pelosi has set a vote for Thursday on the bill Amy Morris reports from our Bloomberg 99 one newsroom in Washington Let me just say we're going to pass the bill this week Pelosi says lawmakers plan to pass the $550 billion infrastructure Bill and she signaled that that bigger package of spending and tax measures will be lowered from three and a half $1 trillion You know the budget can be passed a resolution calling for 3.5 trillion but it sounds like you acknowledge that the final number is going to be somewhat smaller than that Yeah I mean that seems self evident Well as he made the comments on ABC's this week which can be heard on Sundays on Bloomberg radio Divisions between progressive and moderate democratic factions have set up a showdown over the Biden economic agenda progressives are insisting on progress First on the bigger Bill which moderates have said has a price tag that is too high In Washington I'm Amy Morris Bloomberg daybreak All right Amy thank you turning to the pandemic now in a warning this morning from CDC director Rochelle Walensky she says parts of the U.S. health system are in Dire Straits We are working so hard in areas that have high levels of disease where they can't their healthcare systems are in Dire Straits that working to get assistance to them working to get those communities vaccinated because as I noted people who are not vaccinated are ten.

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