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Do the big story of the day here we'll get to that eventually you know how we roll but I'm I want to talk about hand lotion yeah me too staff talk about hand lotion I whenever I hear the word lotion or hand lotion I team comma and he's I own the land the lotion in the basket or she gets the hose yeah wow I have a I have a lotion thing dawn's not gonna Jose no it's not go there but no all right so I noticed when I was walking by Phil Mackey's office who's right next to me Phil Mackey does ESPN our sister station he's the sports guy he's a manly guy you know very manly yes so you know they're they're always talking else works over there and all the scores and everything it's all sports is the Manlius place in this little look a area kind of an it's just so weird um so Phil is standing in his office and he is I see him tapping something and then I noticed all he's applying lotion on hand on his hands he's doing some what and I'm like wow I wouldn't expect a guy like Phil to be low shooting up and I was like for fail you know I think some guys are afraid to put on lotion they think it's a feminine thing or a for some reason then you look at some guy's hands and they're all crusty caress yeah they're like faces all trapped in your life the motion do now Bradley uses lotion he always has this really nice pine scent smelling lotion on the up in the proper mon the table I've been using it everyday when I come and we all use it smells really good you know it has more of a manly smell and I thought for a second like when I passed by Phil putting on that lotion I almost said are you lo shinning up I thought my.

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