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URGENT com I'm Paul Cross News radio 6 10 Wi OD partly cloudy skies today Although it's Ah, pretty sunny out here in Miramar 83 right now. And my 83 it fll 10 31. A lot of lawmakers trying to tie a bow on their 60 Day legislative session today, the statehouse and senator said to vote this afternoon on the only thing they're required to do before recessing passed the state's record more than $100 billion budget, changing the lives of Floridians not just in my community in my district but across the state. Anticipating a tough economic year amid the pandemic, Senator Jim Boyd feared the worst but represented Joe Geller says they wouldn't be here if it weren't for 10. Billion in American rescue plan dollars were put In 6.7 of it to immediate use and holding back 3.3 is progress. Lawmakers did cut bright future book stipends and appears to have pushed unemployment insurance increases to next year. Eric Rodriguez News radio 6 10 W Y. O D a bill with new voting restrictions heading to governor descent assist death. The state Senate, giving final passage to the measure with limits, limits the voting drop boxes and voting by mail the Santis a signal that he will sign that into law. Democrats opposed the move, saying it's aimed at limiting minority voters. However, Republicans believe it will provide needed security to elections. Or the 5600 new coronavirus cases being reported by the Florida Department of Health positivity rate just under 6%. In addition, another 54 residents have died. It's the beginning of the end for Jackson Health Systems Community vaccination program today. The last day it's three shot locations will provide first doses. Second doses They're going to continue and walk ups are welcome. Jackson was one of the first facilities in the state to receive visor vials administering its first shot on December 15th. Meanwhile, Pompano Beach changing its operating days for its Peyser vaccination site at City Center starting tomorrow. It will be open from eight a.m. to four p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. It'll be closed Sunday and Monday. Brazil, now the second country to have a coronavirus death total of more than 400,000. Matt Mattson has more The country's health Ministry says it crossed the grim milestone Thursday after adding 3000 new deaths on Lee. The U. S has a higher number of covert victims, The National Council of Health Secretary's president said the number reflects mismanagement and the lack of centralized coordination at the federal level. CNN reports just about 6% of Brazil's 210 Million people have been fully vaccinated against the virus. We're in the red on Wall Street right now. Dow Down about 148 points, NASDAQ Down eight S and P Down 16. Another update Coming your way at 11 o'clock Maura of the Brian Mud Show continues next on, we'll all top news radio 6 10 wi Oh, hi folks. It's Kris Allen, CEO of I cleanse In.

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