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Codes support the show kids face a million online distractions fortnight snapchat instagram Tick Tock. I just heard what about tick tock. This new one you to the list goes on circle is the easiest way to manage your family's online time across all they're connected devices inside and outside your home. This is really important. I I tell you I got my newborn son. I already see you turn screen on. He immediately locks in gets. It's distracting you. GotTa be careful with this from the start and my wife and I were just hanging out some friends of ours. I really their kid told me he doesn't watch TV. Everything's through youtube you gotTa really think about this with the circle home plus and the circle. APP parents can filter what content is allowed set limits for screen time and monitor history and usage keep track cross every connected elected device from laptops phones tablets to smart TV streaming devices and video game consoles all from one APP. Each family member has a profile. That's fully customizable demised to their needs age immaturity. Look you're never gonNA stop worrying about your kids right but with circle. You have one less thing to worry about right now. Our listeners get a limited time offer of thirty dollars off of circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash beautiful and enter the code beautiful at checkout get thirty dollars is off when you visit meet circle dot com slash beautiful enter the code beautiful at checkout. There's a limited time podcast exclusive offer so don't wait. That's Meet Circle Dot dot. com slash beautiful enter the code beautiful to save thirty dollars..

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