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Even a movement to get you to lay off the lawnmower So she says pollinators give you an excuse to be a lazy gardener You can not mow the lawn for a little while and then don't clean up the garden until we have a handful of days over 50° because there's a lot of animals that are spending the winter in your backyard in places where you might not think to look for them And Sullivan says when you go to the nursery looking for the right flowers be thoughtful Ask if they were treated with pesticides so your efforts to help bolster pollinator populations don't end up contributing to their decline I have more at NW news radio dot com With this northwest news radio extra I'm Ryan Harris You are a stock chart dot com money update on northwest news radio A sell off in the Friday session left the stock market with another weekly decline the week ahead economic calendar is relatively light The two most important reports likely are those on consumer prices and consumer sentiment both slated for release on Friday A high profile departure at Amazon the chief executive of the ecommerce giants worldwide consumer business Dave Clark to leave the company on July 1st to pursue other opportunities War of the Worlds and three of his Mission Impossible movies brought in well over $200 million each at North American theaters but Tom Cruise's highest grossing movie will very soon be the current blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick through Thursday it had already brought in about $206 million and industry experts predict it will be well over 270 million by Sunday Night That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news.

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