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They fall in. Oh, God it is one of the sex. It's sort of like unfaithful only, but she's great. They're all great. It's got moments of humor, and it's just a wonderful little movie. Great soundtrack goes to Woodstock Anna pack when plays her daughter. Oh, wow. Cast little movie walk on the moon. I'll walk on the moon. Okay. I have an odd one that is gets kinda mixed reviews. But I always have a fun place in my heart for movie called me and Orson Welles. Oh, I thought stars Jack Ephron who gets a chance to work with wills when he's putting on his production of Julius Caesar in nineteen thirty seven and you see. The people surrounding him Joseph Cotten and John houseman their plays the guy that played good Christian. Mckay. Chris what else he's done? He it's uncanny is one of the best Orson Welles performances. I've ever seen directed by the way by your dear pal. Richard linklater. Exactly. I remember meeting. I remember interviewing Rick when he came to town with that. And and Zach was with him. And that's a neat. Little movie to kind of under the rate like it is under the radar which is probably call the segment. He's he's British and has done what's his Christian McKenzie. I'm looking he was in tinker tailor soldier spy. That's right. He's in rush. Those the theory of everything it was in that played Roger Penrose in that. So yes. Excellent. Very good. Well, and that was the the federal theatre project that the WPA who plays to I hate to say the girl, but the who's the female clear. Yes, it is. Wow. That's a good pick arch. So there you go. And then of course, we are. We're plugging a bohemian rhapsody. Yeah. At first man, go see I man we. Remember as he's putting that booth on the ground somewhere, Diane lane and Vigo Mortenson. I'm gonna this going to be my last. It's hard to follow that this is gonna be my last I'm using air quotes horror movie since this is boots on the ground will say meaning. Yes. I'm gonna tell folks go out watch zombie land. It's not that. No. It's just a fun movie. Everything about that movie. Was just awesome Bill Murray shows up Bill Murray's the first time. I think I ever saw Emma stone. Yeah. I did super bad was your first. And then I saw her there. But she was still second time ever saw. I it's just fun. And I think I think there's a sequel that they're trying to put together I think with everybody is still back in it. Cool. So DC native Ruben Fleischer grew up. Yeah. They just they got it. Right. And everything about it was they just they got a nifty nifty movie. So they're done. So this is the part of the program where we all quote aren't a right? Here we go. So here's my quote, be more vulnerable end of sermon. I will also steal from his day. I'm sorry. I'm gonna do as well. As you did the less said about that movie. I got. Before you because I had nothing to give it so much chicken trick Trigger or treat treat. tip your waitresses. Vigo ego Vigo wherever. That's it.

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