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And i don't know the exact group name officially bud the row wearing teeshirts and says i know my rights doesn't say common capita you and i have twitter accounts were have little bio you know husband dad sports stalled just says colin kaepernick every single tweet that is that i'm staring at it's about baltimore police had to get its his right and it's causing a respect that maybe that's his subtle his subtle hera acknowledgement may eventually be in baltimore maybe yours that you know what that's what i did not think of that that could be you could be right ball though this was in place for obviously police issues this is one of the freddy gray yeah yeah oh from 2015 and that was terrific this one's about hashtag black women equal pay how there's report the aclu how the black women make up ninety three cents on the dollar up everything at its is right i respect company like nothing about football it he likes are re tweets are her on for this particular no fair mao for that one from the aclu is six hundred thirty eight likes 300 and 74 read tweets about fifty comments and that's really that's on the lower end i mean this particular one year is that an that is an image of nina simone and evade spritz pretty poignant image it's it's like a like a jiffy it's like a moving it's pretty cool and that one's got two and a half thousand likes and one point three thousand 1300 read tweets and sixty comments and then but then there sub comments i mean it it it's a lot yeah but i did this when you were out and i'd the only thing that was tweeted that had any sort of referenced the football was the ct east audie so calling you probably not watching the show me bhawani buddies is maybe a family member if you wanna play football tell us sewer because i don't talk at americorps did that's l done or just do what you do it don't be your old man here's the thing and this is this is why but i'm to have this conversation this is why he so compelling to me because he actually is his own man in he doesn't care to conform and i and.

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