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So he decided to disband the remaining local grotto's of the church of Satan. Speaking about this tumultuous, period Levin said quote, instead of fostering, self sufficiency, and honest skepticism I saw my group lapsing into blind belief and unhealthy anthropomorphic them. That's not what I intended. And I had to make moves to get the church of Satan back on track and quote in one thousand nine hundred seventy five Levin made the controversial decision to begin selling degrees in the priesthood prior to this point individuals where required to answer a link these series of specialized questions before being approved for active membership. Now anyone who had the money? Could be admitted this new policy rankled some of the membership, including high ranking member of the church, Michael Aquino, a Queen. Oh was a former military intelligence officer who specialized in psychological warfare after joining the church of Satan in nineteen sixty nine he quickly rose through the ranks by nineteen seventy-one. He was ranked as a Magister caverns of the fourth degree and edited the church's publication, the cloven hoof Antonova placed a lot of trust and Michael Aquino and in nineteen Seventy-three lavar bestowed upon him, the previously unattainable of Magister temporary of the fourth degree by this point a cleaner was considered by many to be LA's right hand man in the church. However, Michael a Queen believed the satanic priesthood to be sacred and irrevocable. So when he learned of LA's plan to sell degrees in the priesthood Aquino chose to resign and form his own organization. The temple of. Set in nineteen seventy five the name refers to set the AGIP shin God of the desert Aquino claim that during a ritual in which he evokes Satan, the devil revealed that his true name was that of the AGIP shin. Deity many former members of the church of Satan flocked to this new group who central tenant was that members should seek self defection and thus attain. Immortality of consciousness when asked about this in nineteen ninety one Rolling Stone interview, a cleaner said quote in my letter of resignation. I said essentially that the church of Satan is not the same thing as the church of anti those priests hoods are not yours to sell and quote by selling degrees in this way. Levine was unintentionally taking psychological ownership away from his members in a two thousand four study by Lynn van Dyne, and John l Pierce, they found positive links between psychological ownership for an organization and employee attitudes. Such as organizational commitment and job satisfaction..

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