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Plumbing services dot com online at protek AC Orlando's dot com most frequent they have a service traffic technician because here it's year important with traffic to know alerts every six what's minutes going in on the morning up there we're every hoping to six get to work minutes on in time the morning I'm yeah at they Torrance give you news an alternate ninety six point route five they W. tell D. you B. exactly O. yeah there definitely what you can is something do happened to keep on the you St around Johns the river slow bridge down if I come in to and work on time we'll get details as the helicopter HM ships driving that back direction and forth come up this in is a moment Orlando's seven ten morning now news with Joe on Kelly Orlando's news morning news ninety ABC's six point Erin five to Turkey W. is T. joining V. us and mantis looking more breaking and news more out of like Tampa the downing of this that morning airliner was not a there mechanical is report issue of an active but not shooter not at if you MacDill listen to the Iranians Air Force on that base one Erin in Tampa well it's true leader the of the base Iranian has say it been would alerted be a logical to reports to think of an that active they shot shooter down a plane that is all with eighty the information two are running that we and have citizens at on this board time but it appears MacDill now Air that Force they did base not is on intentionally lockdown on but reports inadvertently as they were in of an active perhaps shooter reports a defensive of an active stance shooter or not the anticipating same as an some active kind shooter of coming were from hoping the United to States get additional after information having here launched to find out missile if in fact US forces there is an in active Iraq shooter but we perhaps do know for mistook sure that the the path base is that on lock or down something this else is over on he will the other side not of crack the state missiles and Tampa were told Joe as that you the are United probably States does where have MacDill Air Force base has detected is the heat the signature headquarters for of the US those anti Central aircraft Command missiles and and so U. S. special is is operations highly confident command about that what is happened important you operations know in my out understanding of our about Aaron Tampa is bay's is that MacDill at the Tehran airforce airport base on that lockdown that will airline give you more information was was as held it becomes available on the seven ground twenty for seven like an extra now what hour our land does before morning news they could take off because good morning of Joe the the out warmup going continues missiles today headed hitting towards eighty Iraq one a mix of sun and clouds rain it chance and twenty in fact percent the the Iranian tonight civil it'll be aviation mild temperatures authorities down to said about seventy there was then coordination through the weekend a between mix of sun the military and clouds and and the rain civilian chance holding side at twenty of percent the of the airport but even.

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