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Good morning it's a in Tampa Bay with everything from the profound to the the full and web this world of course it's webs day morning that'll be coming up here at ten after eight you certainly don't want to fail enjoy not missing that Jack Iran and Jeff and Natalie all on board here this morning and I was just looking at some on our blog here which is a rocket what's trending here's what straight with Natalie a qualia the woman who is well first of all spray painting their car throwing put in spray paint all over a car break in the windows and everything not just any car a range rover this is like a luxury probably more money than I'll ever make kind of car you know but it's really nice she ends up getting busted but I'm thinking it must be your husband's or something like that or she's somebody's very angry with I'm gonna go with it's probably an ex boyfriend they didn't explain why she was doing this just that she was it seems she's angry you know somebody's got to see that a man that is incredible this is why I don't date money don't want you know what I that going on the bill your car yeah she seems like she was over the edge and she did not even when the cops came she just beat it up she did not care spray paint and the hammer yeah one after the windows and then the cops gutter devastating gradients it's amazing what you could do it just those two things to a car now when a friend once again what's your story for today so mine is the woman that gives up on love and marries her dog login engineer the dog has fallen down while she went out on a sorry she went over two hundred twenty one dates and she had four failed engagement so the only logical thing for her to do was to marry her golden retriever and a two hundred twenty one kill dates I'm sorry I'm just gonna say it it's on you you are the Boise county that's another thing I was going to end up divorcing or two I know I don't know how she's going to handle it but to kick apparently her friends were encouraging this Philip why not just do it merry the dog why not just have the dogs love the dog let it love you is well not in that kind of way and then you got to be best friends are not to be married you can be single which who's taking the last name change a rule her name will be careful now let's agree to fight or something like that name is Elizabeth maybe Elizabeth because I don't know rough middle name around yeah I'm gonna have to find I got a story on on dog names these days the most popular dog names and we'll have to find that Rufus and here now yeah roof that's good I heard cash that's like a popular dog for like name that name for dogs for millennials can I saw yeah Hey cash for the case okay sure the kid was in shock me they don't know how to spell cash considering there's not much cash around these days you ever had dogs I and my family my parents have dated many what have we got our and we got our Twitter post on whether people would rather and blow dryers or paper towels we do I'm gonna give you the let's see what the poll statuses so far and it is at two paper towels fifty seven percent an air dryer forty three that's that's ridiculous no just you in there using the air dryer that's not an efficient way to dry your hands I have to agree with your ex you can use a combo of both if they're available you have to spend more time under that blow dryer and then you have to proceed if you don't have paper towels to wipe your hands on your pants there's no way well I know you come in from I I can get my hands drowned the blow dryer takes awhile five minutes you know have a lot of times joint I'll go jog and then we go to a restaurant they have breakfast and you can we go in and get paper towels because our sweat and all that stuff you know look at the sheer come out of the restroom with a blow dryer sometime hi this is their trash wedding to like I had a stain and I in the sink in that I use the air dryers that help me out how did you get that stain I had a tied to go ten and it was it's still kind of gets a little wet but when I put is they're dry was good as new wealth go to our Twitter at WFLA news and get your vote in on their on whether it's hand dryers or paper towels it's seven forty six we go to the newsroom now.

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