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Golf fan. Sometimes when they get mad when it's a birdie-fest, and I look. San Diego had no wind whatsoever. None none. It was his benign as I've said, it was his chambers commerce as you could ever get it. There is not one golf course in the world that can protect itself against the greatest golfers in the world, if there's no wind and the greens are not tricked up like the US open unless you kill the greens and make them as firm as a bathtub as firm as fast as a bathtub. You're not there's nothing you can do now. And they're rough at Tori was no joke. That was some serious rough where you only see the top guy shoes. And you couldn't see golf ball. And they were still able to muscle stuff out and figure it out. It was it was it was it was a thick rough. It was the Connex it. Yeah. It was. So the rough was ju just looked like you ain't moving it. Yeah. It just looked lush and green and thick. And so for those guys to play as well as they did. And. Shoot. Those kind of scores is just like I don't wanna hear anybody bitching about. I'm tired of seeing these guys shoot low. I love the US open. But I only want to see that once a year where you gotta trick. Golf course up. Right. They could goofy golf like I want. I don't wanna see guys play golf that. I could see it my Munich course care about that. That was the other thing too. Because another guy that a pair appears we're going to contend with this year's Adam Scott because he is all in on the pin in the whole that he's all in. He decided that that's what I'm gonna do an and putter he found a punt of that he likes. But he says he likes the flag in helps them aim helps them read better. He was unconscious. If that reminded him he said when he was a little kid, if you remember, and we all have this as soon as you said, I was like, you know, what is true think of all the practice putting greens before you go play. Yeah. They all have those little tiny little ones. Yeah. In and you just always hit it right at the pin. And it's a perfect tool. Yup. And he was like that took me back to when I was a kid. And so as a kid. Yeah. That's all you do you never pull them. Out genius. And now bang now. Twisted the dude missed an eighteen inch. Putt that never touch the flagstick. There are still some moment. He's still gets a little right? But if he'd look if Justin Rose wasn't without a pulse. He catches him on Sunday because there was an opportunity because he he missed inside four feet that would've tied him up. And then just hit the big par. Saving. Putt. I think on six teen. Yes. They would have made it a one-stroke is adamant already birdied it. Yes. And then they both played lights out on seventeen atomatic, kickin birdie. And then by that time eighteen years already said and.

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