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But if he can come from. Like i love myself and i can do great things. Even though looks differently might plan. At least you're being gentle and you don't need anymore criticism during this time it's true. It's a very simple one. So i think people should take note of it because it's two three minutes right so the song so super easy and Yeah and the breathing. It's through that it's a it's pacifying and this thing of loving yourself in graduate school you can easily fall into stop comparing with others. But i think. I you know i've had enough interviews on papa peachy that listeners know now that a lot of pizzas are doing different things exciting things in different domains and so also talking with someone who who has followed this path that you're now looking into that has done it And that's That's Someone who either or either you. Maybe not that you admire that you feel that it's accessible to you now. It's easy to even on lincoln. Go to reach out to someone just knowing that someone out there has done what you're thinking of doing an it's having a great life and is fulfilled and and is a great person that will probably also help reflect on you and and love yourself a little more instead of saying. Oh my god. I'm a failure look at my colleagues their publishing and they're going for post. Docs and i'm not yeah. Yeah and also like when like when you're in it so when you're in graduate school it feels like a like it's a but like it feels like a bubble right. Phd right now and she was talking about this idea had and she shared with a professor and then i think he shared the idea with someone else and now the other person is changing their thesis to bring in my friends idea and like she's talking..

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