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Good evening. I'm Brian Ford. Our top story Vancouver man is accused of trying to kill his mother is schizophrenic and was off his medication court records show twenty old Brian tombs got into a heated argument with his mother Sonia tombs about his spending in lifestyle. He allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed her several times in the face and neck, then called nine one one Jason Renault with the mental Health Association of Portland tells KTAR news schizophrenics often act remorseful after a violent episode like this was a person who is who was not in control their thoughts and feelings and sometimes in control their actions, and that can be very sudden and go away just as it's on. Your terms remains hospitalized in critical condition. Brian tombs has charged the tempted murder is being held on five hundred thousand dollars bail customers at Columbia Bank in burn told employee of the Bank. They were having trouble getting cards into the ATM. And when it was opened a skimming device was found inside police were looking for two suspects, whom they believe may have placed the device the machine you can see their photos at eleven ninety. Dot com. The Bank suspended the accounts of eleven people who use the machine while the device was in place the effects of climate change on Oregon snowpack had been masked by variations in weather over the last thirty years, that's the finding of climate scientists at Oregon state university says those effects are now going away and the true impacts of climate change will be seen to natural variability that we've been it's been favorable for so back accumulation was eventually transition to face. It's less favorable when climate variability is removed snowpack would have been eighteen to fifty four percent lower since the nineteen eighty s silo says over the next few decades. We'll start to see the worst thing affects on the pack. I'm Bradford News Radio. Eleven ninety X. Iheartradio has given wonks.

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