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Here's what they sounded like. Guys who've been Sony's. Being against Kenya. Still gino's. This season. Take you all on. Typical. Jay. Thanks, although Silva, winning the second tower. Strike Crystal Palace lead city, but not just with one of the goals of the season. Oh, man four great choices. Lord knows how many we didn't include we probably could've. Well, let me give the honorable mentions quickly for me. No versity. Andrea surely goal at turf. Moor against Burnley. The volley which was spectacular iron Ramsey's goal against Fulham that move. That was the full end of the pitch picked on any one of those. Yeah. I'll go first here and I'll be brief. Ultimately, all of these are great choices, but I just had such a hard time separating the goal from the moment, which is why I did go with Vincent company and his thirty yard strike against Leicester City. I mean what do you say just for that player to do that in that moment? It was it was a jump out of your seat moment in the Premier League the season. And. I'm comfortable with that as much ongoing with Andros Townsend because I of all people give great grit credence to the idea that the best of goal is the volley and he's absolutely nailed that he couldn't caught it any better. The only thing about it is, when you watch it back, it's almost like I was Bernardo Silva or whoever headed into his path. It will it was so perfect. Like he knew just hit. It just hit it. And he connected Seoul perfectly. That's one of those when you hit it, you know, from the minute, it leaves your booth it's going in so absolutely one of the best volleys I've ever seen and perfectly deserves goal of the season. And I think a lot of people have given him it other publications. Yeah. And that's, that's a fair shout. No question about it. All right. Part two now match the season. It's your turn. Liverpool travel to Saint James's Park needing to get three points against their hero Rafa Benitez. And what a game and sued three two was the final score for Liverpool. On a Saturday night of touch house. There's rather says little to win to go to points. It's It's all. all. These. In the Newcastle penalty area. Full. Listen to the tonight's area, the kill gross. Finish Jim shin king posts. The goal. This game. Quits doing twenty nine years of hutch will go to the final day exceptional season. Arlo white on NBC Essen own believable game for me the thing about it was that it was a jaded Liverpool team that go into that game. This, this was the classic. What I talked about down the stretch thriller, where Liverpool are tired. They're stroking with injuries with. You know, the exertions of campaigning on two fronts, and they come into it, and they come up against the team. That's banging form with nothing to lose doesn't matter if they lose the game a well drilled organiz team. That's got a little bit of pride back into sight. And wanna put on a good shorts engines park, and it was a perfect meeting because let's be honest deliver defend as badly in any other game that season this season probably not. And you end up thriller. It's a whole mesh of things coming together. And that's what that's what makes tightly run-ins great games like that. The real hero in this, of course, is the inswinger. Absolutely. And you said it consistently to me privately. Just text you. Hey,.

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