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Into sports call and again as we've done so far this entire our checking in on tropical storm alberto before we dive into sports currently sitting again forty five miles per hour wind moving north at fifteen miles per hours not much of a change so far this morning in tropical storm alberto or sub tropical storm alberto in a moment ago i asked if anybody out there knew the difference between subtropical and tropical the please let me know because look i'm not a meteorologist i'm a sports guy whether it's not not what i do somebody actually texted in and they said that they read it the other day that sub tropical storms are towards the outside of the circulation tropical storms are towards the center of the circulation and it also the maximum sustained winds are towards the center in a tropical storm or a subtropical the maximum sustained winds are to the outer bands so basically it looks like from what we're seeing from alberto the worst the worst is actually on the outer bands of this and that's why they're calling it a sub tropical storm so thank you for that too that listener for texting that end because that was that was a fun fact i did not know now look i i do love weather i do love weather so when things like this are coming in i'm fascinated to watch the weather channel's coverage whether they're at dolphin island panama city here at pensacola beach wherever it is they're located i fascinated by watching their coverage of it do i know the verbiage not really not really but i guarantee you there's probably some people working at the weather channel they couldn't tell you what a ground rule double doubles so kind of evens out there but again they get to that listener for texting in in in sharing that because that that was a fun fact i enjoy fun fact so that was that was that was good thank you so much.

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