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Aclu, San Francisco, Cesar Chavez discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News


KCBS the ACLU says the curfews being imposed all over the country should be ended immediately okay CBS news time one oh wait first for traffic let's see what your dress has a sign on well conditions have improved for the ride on the two eighty extension three San Francisco where debris southbound was flagging tires at Cesar Chavez this report brought to you by the California highway patrol motorcycle safety program and even highway ninety two west bound is cleared up a bit heading down the hill not nearly as heavy now from lower skyline heading down past the dumps San Francisco a little slowing on one oh one northbound right past the central freeway merge but it clears up before you make the turn toward the lower deck of the bay bridge interstate eighty a smooth ride off the bay bridge through Emeryville Berkeley Albany and Richmond no problems up to rodeo Crockett or across the Carquinez bridge in delay that's a smooth ride and the better news for the east two oh five ride in Tracy the road worked it'd been slowing the eastbound traffic has already been picked up as we all start to get back on the road again now is the perfect time to think about taking a California motorcycle safety course the course allows you to skip the writing skills test at the DMV and is required for riders under twenty one become a better writer learn more at California motorcyclist dot com your next update at one eighteen on the traffic leader KCBS yes hot out there this afternoon let me tell you what's going on in San Jose right now checking in at ninety five Woodside ninety seven Pleasanton ninety seven in San Francisco we are currently at eighty five degrees some of those inland valleys could top one hundred before the afternoon is over traffic and weather together on the eights on all news one of six nine and A. M. seven forty K. C. B. S. with the brand new I phone Essy for less than a hundred Bucks at metro you rule it's the most affordable.

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