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Specifically designed and written to show you how your money can participate in some of the market gains without participating in any market losses. Your retirement can grow without market risk. Take your car out of park and turn it into a driver that takes you where you want to go. Call 8443067233. Speaking of parked cars reminds me of a saying that I have used with my relatives when my family members come to me and won't help. It always amazes me how their interest in learning sometimes is not equal to their motivation. Maybe instead of wanting to learn something, they just want me to do it for them. Whenever I run into this behavior, always tell them I can't steer apart car. In other words, taking advantage of education requires action. It requires that you do something with the information you have so you can get to where you want to go. So many times, I provide people with the opportunity to learn something new about how to protect and, more importantly, use their retirement money in a way that provides safe returns in the lifetime of income. But they're happy to sit in there parked car. Unfortunately, all parked cars have one thing in common. Eventually they rust away. Inflation and missed opportunity can have the same effect on your retirement if it is parked in the corner. There's nothing wrong with CDs and Martin Market accounts for the money you need for emergencies. In fact, every time I meet with someone, my first and foremost priority is to make sure they have money set aside for emergencies. If they don't and I have to respectfully let them know that I can't work with them until they do. Believe that emergency money on the side in other words, part is the most important thing you can do for your retirement at any stage of your financial life. The problem is that many of you are treating your retirement money like your emergency money. It's sitting on the side doing nothing. Isn't it time to do something? If you have a broker, his probably giving you the same message. He is probably telling you that you need to keep your money active and working for you. Let me be very clear. So you don't get confused when her broker tells you to get your money active, he is most likely telling you to put your money at risk. That is not what I'm talking about. When I'm telling you is that you need to get your money participating in contractually guaranteed returns without any market risk. I want you to put your car in drive,.

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