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This is the atlanta journal constitution brought to you by state farm like a good neighbour state farm. Is there each tuesday july twentieth. The highly contagious delta variant is fueling more covert nineteen cases in georgia hospitalizations from the infection. Have gone up thirty percent in one week. The delta variant now accounts for about seventy percent of all new cases most of which are among those who haven't been vaccinated including children too young for the shots according to the georgia department of public health of the four hundred eighty georgia patients hospitalized with covert nineteen. Four hundred sixteen were not fully vaccinated. News broke over the weekend that a five year old calhoun boy died of the disease. According to family members the child's whole family got sick but only why it ended up having complications. He was admitted to the hospital and died within the week in other news democratic. Us senators gathered testimony about georgia's voting law monday in an effort to gain support for federal election bills pending in congress. It was the first field hearing of the senate rules committee in twenty years. The rare field hearing collected testimony from voting rights advocates and georgia's to democratic party senators who spoke against new voter. Id requirements for absentee voting limits on ballot drop boxes and the possibility of republican led takeovers of local elections management. The senators didn't provide a path for to break an impasse over voting bills. That would impose national standards for election access and restore federal oversight of voting laws. Senate republicans blocked debate on sweeping voting legislation last month. Democrats have been unable to overcome filibuster rules that require a sixty vote threshold for measures to advance in the evenly divided chamber. Meanwhile new crime laws could be coming. Soon georgia governor. Brian kemp said he plans to ask the general assembly to pass laws to fight crime during a special legislative session. This fall atlanta authorities have investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most in more than two decades this year as of june homicides had increased in atlanta by more than fifty percent and shootings had increased by forty percent compared to the same time period in twenty twenty on friday atlanta mayor kisha lance bottoms announced that she wants to create an office of violence reduction and invest seventy million dollars to develop an implement strategies to address crime. She also wants to hire two hundred fifty more police officers expand. The city's camera network and license plate reader systems and add ten thousand more street lights in the city by december. Thirty first twenty twenty to the legislature was already expected to reconvene sometime in the fall to redraw state and congressional district lines and a lawsuit land to overturn the runoff elections. That gave democrats control of the. Us senate has been dismissed. The lawsuit aimed. Avoid the election of georgia's raphael. Warnock and jon ossoff to the us senate but a superior court judge rejected the effort at a hearing monday. It's the latest failure in a series of unsuccessful lawsuits that challenged democratic victories in georgia including president. Joe biden's narrow victory over former president. Donald trump the latest lawsuit contested the senate election results and sought a new election to be conducted on paper ballots. The plaintiff said the senate election was marred by misconduct. Raising doubts that warnock and also for the true winners and cited allegations of improper ballot-counting at state farm arena in atlanta on election night in november. Those allegations were investigated and debunked by the secretary of state's office.

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