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We're waiting join next conversation. Text your comments to fifty five one hundred standard data and message rates may apply elvis duran and the morning. Show all right. Well we came up with twenty dollars. That's good let me bring it down for you. We've twenty dollars to give away with the free money phone gandhi and i. We're splitting ten dollars. Each putting in a fiber and in big money. Scary says wall doublet. Make it ten dollars. Now we've got twenty dollars is fabulous big money money jones so yeah so We're ready for the free money phone tap by the way. Let me remind you again. I want to remind you every hour. Today about elvis duran on demand. Our show is on demand for you can listen to it right now. It's in podcast for me. You can move forward past. You can bet you can go backward you anywhere you want on the show something you don't like maybe like what we're doing right now. A waste of time for some. They don't like they don't need money. So this is the chance. If you're listening to us on demand fastball. We go go but we'll catch up with okay. You can listen to us anytime you want. Elvis duran on-demand check out your iheartradio app. It's right there anywhere. You get your podcasts. Okay all right into the free money phone tap. It's worth twenty dollars. That's all we have. If you're caller one hundred you get it one. Eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. Who does the phone tap today. Scary scary elvis randy. Elvis durant phone. Tap michael oppenheimer has become synonymous with the phone tap. Actually i think the phone taps have become famous. Because of mr michael oppenheimer well. He's back to strike again right scary. That's right jeremy. Wanted to play a phone. Tap on assisted janelle and she hates telephone telemarketers so our relentless telephone telemarketer. Mr michael oppenheimer to the rescue period. Give this is mr michael oppenheimer with these scum buster extreme cleaning tool. How you doing today mid. I'm good these buster. Extreme cleaning tool comes with a three in one extension handle and can use my name. is michael oppenheimer. we're Practically giving this tool away today. At a very sparingly to this the sales co. I would call this a necessity call for thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents at sorry. I'm not interested. Thanks thanks for your time continued. This is mr michael oppenheimer with these scum. Buster extreme number equipped with a powerful motor. This easy to use single speed tool coins. Four talks test. You're just called my number. But i didn't get to tell i'm not interested this time you could use it to scrub clean the tub stab mr michael moore interested or your product coin. Good discount booster -treme. Certainly you have a bathroom right. of course i do. Come in your bathroom. I guess everybody is coming in the bathroom right. There's bound to be built of scum in your crevices right. And i don't need discount scrubber i'm good and you just keep talking has come in their cracks and we feel that for this offer of thirty nine dollars ninety nine cents crack. I don't eat. It also served as a stain. Remover have gone stains. Okay goodbye thanks for calling. Please calling me. I don't want your this. Is mr michael oppenheimer with these. You're wasting your time acre. Come buster in clean your own crevice ear anything to do with your life. Do you have any time is. If you're trying to confine talking to me like me don't like my voice was added today Okay so you don't you just want to talk to. Do you know what i'm wearing. Is that it. Censored pervert keeps calling. Random went into screening tool by black. And i'm i'm sure you've got a big cleaning tool their body. Any scum buster. This is a black and dickers- kumbo turn okay. That sounds great. I'm sure you like a black gum bus. Tearing your this unit has a unique roller. Wearing mr amer wearing savings in deals. And shove it up your stock. Hello mr michael oppenheimer with mr michael oppenheimer we're gonna be with I like just gone. Buster handle and i don't have to do but harass lady all day dollars and ninety nine cents for thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents and i still can't find anybody to love me. You're gonna get a hooker for thirty nine dollars. Ninety nine cents gonna rest. People and i were house now. The the like fluids custer and i pledge for myself in hard to reach areas like salesroom details include details include the fact that i collect barbie dolls and i like to dress them up at night. Dancer around then. Sometimes i wear my mom's underwear. Because of course i live with her own chargeable battery that provides twenty five minutes. I'm sure i need for chargeable batteries. Because i don't have a real woman you have an air pump. That goes with it. Maybe below on up for me cleaning measures approximately l. cleaning tools. I have to use a children's ruler for such thing that like children. I like pets and you probably shouldn't leave home with your dog timer scary jones. I was reading in the morning show. And you've been in phone tapped all right guy. Jeremy did it and use the bashed yourself on the radio. Oh that creepy guy. That is crazy you know. Set it so well don't understand why these people continue to answer their phones. This is why. I haven't made a phone call since i don't know gerald ford was president scare me. I don't we don't need that in your in your life. Anyway great telemarketing. They're scary if you have an idea for phone tap. don't call us. we're not doing new ones one. One day we will all. That's the sign that we are recovered. Let's go talk to morgan from orlando online seven. Pay morgan. thank you for listening this morning. How are you morgan morgan. Earth to morgan Hallmark let's try this. Let's try morgan. Orlando and here. we go now. Hi there you are here you high mortgage and driven to work. I'm sorry never apologized for driving to work you. You're doing the heavy lifting right now. We will fit into your life Just that you drive but as you're driving let me just tell you You just one.

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