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The top stories we're following this hour Russian forces suffering heavy losses after the Ukrainian military destroyed a floating bridge that they were crossing in the country's east Ukrainian officials say it's another sign that Russia is struggling to salvage a war that isn't going their way The lawyer for WNBA star Brittany griner says her pre trial detention in Russia has been extended by a month He says the relatively short extension indicates there will be a trial soon Griner has been detained since February Elon Musk says his plan to buy Twitter is temporarily on hold He's trying to figure out how many spam and fake accounts there are on the social media platforms For more on these stories in just minutes We know that many students have fallen behind academically during the pandemic The district is now rolling out a tutoring program to get them back on track It's called high impact tutoring where muriel Bowser has announced a $20 million investment in the program over the next two academic school years This is another investment that will support accelerated learning as we are continuing to navigate all aspects of recovery That's D.C. state superintendent Christina grant how it works 12 community based organizations have received grants to provide tutoring The goal is to serve more than 9000 students Grant says this specific program will take place on a more frequent basis and will make sure each student has individual access to meet their specific needs And decide impact tutoring investment is a byproduct of a new reality of what we will need in schools Melissa Howell WTO penis Coming up in money news More than 400 points Who's the D.C. area's biggest tech employer I'm Jeff cable It's one 18 Time for traffic and weather on the 8s Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thank you very much If you're headed on the southbound side of the George Washington memorial Parkway your slow going from just after one 23 all the way down towards a spout run Parkway north side doesn't seem to be affected the delays southbound are because of a work zone In order to live with the bell while you're slow as you head up towards the American legion bridge however no where crews are anything like that headed through that area If you're headed northbound on one 23 through Tyson's just after the beltway watch out for the work crew near the McLean metro there you can have a single left lane getting by for the work crew and watch out if you're trying to access one 23 from the inner loop of the beltway watch out on that ramp You will be about halfway across when you notice all those brake lights because of the work zone So many you get on that ramp slow down as much as you can so you don't cause an accident scene If you're headed on the southbound side of 95 you got your usual volume delays here as you make your way south of lorton all the way down towards a Stafford exit It gets particularly rough right between the triangle and a quiet harbor exits So do plan ahead Route one might be an option there depending on how late you're going Northbound side and 95 on and off delays from Dale City up towards newington and if you're headed in the district watch out for this A disabled vehicle causing headaches right now who'd have thought left lane is blocked near main avenue causing brake lights back towards south capital street D.C. two 95 You're jammed up in both directions for the work crew that's there near Pennsylvania avenue It's the same one we've been dealing with for a little while now Left side is blocked You should have two right lanes available to you but of course that's enough to cause delays Inbound side of third street tunnel you're pretty slow but no incidents reported your usual brake lights there for the slowdowns at the light Northbound side of VW Parkway slow all the way up towards the Laurel exits but no delays reported Carlos Ramirez or no accidents reported Carlos Ramirez WTO be traffic And here's storm team four's Mike's Jennifer Widely scattered showers at a risk of thunderstorms this afternoon at times though some dry weather so not a washout It could be rather muggy our highs will.

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