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Got the grabby est breaks ever. And then really aggressive idle creep like a health that g you're puffing traffic. Let's because that's because it has so much power. Matthew is just trying to go. Yes. Over in Japan breath, so fucking. It's freezing bread also. Yeah. Joe is the the fried the best thing I hadn't Tuscany all the shit, we had, and it was everything was amazing. The best thing was basic pizza dough. Yeah. Caught into little strips, like about the size of this fried in a very hot sunflower oil. And then tossed in the really good olive oil and salt when they Friday puff up like kind of like pillows. Ooh. And then you just grab a nice piece of pursuit, and just shove it in the pillow in poverty, their mouth, and it was gonna sounds good. But if you come over and bake bread for me, and I'll bet you that. Yeah. But what is the rebel rally? Okay. So the rebel rally is it's a ten day event. Seven of those days are competition, one of those ten days is sort of days zero, so it's sort of like a trial day, but it's not that's not scored for points. It's an off road rally that you are not allowed to use GPS force. So it is a map, and compass, navigation rally local version of the gazelle rally that happens like it's an hour. If my understanding of I've never done the Zales, but I think the bills is a little bit different. This one is really about going and collecting checkpoints. And you, you use a map and a compass to navigate they take your cell phone away for like seven days. Beacon have. Yeah. You have a stat phone, which I definitely used because. Well, it's a big story, but I can tell you the story. So, so. Yeah, so it say it's all off road. It starts up in like Tahoe and sort of cuts down the sort of the side of, of Nevada, and then cuts in through California, and you're basically just going the backside like so passes through like to Walney, and then you go through like the gold, like old gold mine areas and through Dumont dunes and. Yes, I have a really shitty story about Dumont dunes. So I'll say this. I didn't I didn't know like my guy asked me to do this for the drive and he didn't really know what it was. And I'm like, dude, you know, it's like ten fucking days like you'd better pay me a lot of money to do this. And I started talking to Emily Miller, who is the woman who runs it, Emily. Miller's this world like world famous like offroad racing who used to who used to drive for rod hall, and like I mean, she's really I mean amazing in her own right. And she really wanted there to be a rally in the, you know, in the US, and it just happens to be that this rally is off is for women, and so she really, I met her, and she and I connected and she's like a really want you to do this, and, you know, Mike was sort of, was vacillating, and, like, well, gosh ten days, like I don't know if it's a long time, and I was like, look, I'm willing to do this, because I think it'd be a great experience. But you need a teammate. He needs someone to, to, to navigate with you. And, and so there was this other woman who lost her driving partner. And so she put us together, and I remember FaceTime, timing her, and I was like, okay, well, my first question for was like, are you super competitive? Live choose like I don't really think so. And I, I should have read into it, then but, you know, she has four young kids below the age of, like, you know, ten so, she's definitely like the type A personality. And I knew that she would be the Boston. I'm sorry. I don't know. I can't read. Yeah. Well, when you have kids when you're like you're basically, like Boston people around your whole life, and they're just like small people. I figured okay? She'll be the mom in the car. Sit down sit down sit down. No turn here, turning north more throw more throttle, basically did I say, and honestly, like the first couple of days. We're good. And then the third day like the wheels is fucking came off, like we got lost. And we went off in one direction. We lost a couple of hours and she was a skilled driver. But not.

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