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Acquisition if i needed to get access or acquire content content development. And then so. How do i get that content. On the site and then ultimately content optimization would be the last phase of initiatives around the content efforts to ensure that we had the right assets to bring an audience to the site. So moral of the story is what you're doing is you're taking the major goal of the organization that was handed down to you. Know the seo and starting to think about technical questions starting thing about content or any other major buckets that you generally think you need to create an initiative around yes so think about like bigger companies will spend a lot of time developing really sophisticated platforms around seo so things like testing environments. They'll be developing sometimes tools so like a lot of big companies will have their own tools to manage things like meta titles or site maps or other elements like linked blocks or link packs within a page. These are all additional areas. That can be key initiatives depending on where the company's trying to go on what the company's trying to do another area that often is overlooked. The initiative phase is the analytics reporting especially with small organizations. This is really overlooked a lot because everyone just expects that you know what's free is gonna continue being free but you never do actually measure what it is that you're getting in so i think that measurement like setting up the right reports and setting up. The right collection of data can often be a critical initiative for organizations as well. I think he missed one key component. Here people team resources. Ben is a great question around resources. The reality here is that initiative planning should be done without having the of resources resources is always the constraining denominator that determines whether initiatives going to proceed forward or not. Unless you work at google play at some really big wealthy companies. Yes but the reality is that you want to have the opportunity to think. really broadly. And really holistically about the initiatives and have some pretty big ones and audacious ones without sitting there going. Well we'll never be able to do that because we don't have enough resources because you're gonna get caught in this trap where you're going to do nothing because you're never gonna have any resources and so you're better off in this part of the planning process to start. With good initiatives really highlight them. Bring them to the forefront get leadership to see them and hear them and understand them before you get into the resource constraint. Part of the exercise last question for you and this is really kind of semantic. When you're putting your initiatives together you mentioned sort of setting expectations. But you don't have to think about resources yet. You're not down to that level you know. Hey i'll use the example of were creating a podcast media company and i say well. My initiative is to make that the world's biggest martic website and dear the things that we need to do that might not be realistic. So is their way that you can set a initiative and your strategic direction without boxing yourself into various specific results. Because you don't want to be setting yourself up for failure at the end of the year so the best. Seo's that i've worked with an honestly in many cases the best marketers and strategists. That i've worked with. They're already thinking ahead when it comes to the initiative planning so they're already determining that there are certain initiatives that are so critical so vital to that strategic goal that you've outlined to be the biggest mar tech site online the realities are certain elements that you want to be planning in and prioritizing in seeding early to ensure that the foundation is right that you've got the right continous it's you've got say certain critical steps in place so that you don't get distracted with initiatives that aren't actually going to help the company reach that difficult balance to strike sometimes where you want to have your be hag big hairy audacious goal but you also want to set something that is realistic so it seems achievable. So when you're breaking down that larger initiative into your tasks and the things that you're operating against on a daily basis you still have a clear sense of direction and that you're actually able to accomplish what you sat out in something that takes a little practice. Something that a seasoned. Seo's am general. Marketers can always work on and that wraps up this episode of the voices of search podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with jordan kuni as the strategist and advisor at search metrics. Join us again tomorrow. When jordan ni- continue our conversation by talking about how to set your seo goals we'd love to continue the conversation with you so if you're interested in contacting jordan you could find a link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on. Twitter handle is jt. Kuni that's jt. Ko e. n. e. where he can visit his personal website. Which is jordan. 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