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I hope that stays the but it's like it's like you got a big big ass dierickx siri like you got a step back this in france that kkob be nights the name of the episode my friend better than it currently be jesus glad i justified saying kobe beef for no reason the behavior service not to go like back but they did he like did you like get rid of the named that he likes say no longer i'm no longer it was he said it was moby if culturally big day they met him get it yeah is lbj it was kkob dick why does it his name's jacoby and he's short into kkob anna shaddix certain it's dick oh i didn't even art i just thought it was like a literary reference she's an atmosphere have dickey so laura yeah those are the books he was reading while riding his moods was moby dick moby dick angels and insects and cycle the up i don't know what year he stopped going by um um dick first fucking time i read that his name was jacoby shaddix like i couldn't believe it i couldn't believe that that was his real name in not some bullshit stage name like they had a stage there wasn't jacoby shaddix it oh did he need anonymity does he want to be able to still have a government name the china keeper on low key anc what is what is fucking ancestors do that his last name is shaddix off with an x.

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