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It it it it it it cut solids alerts consolidates alert so you're still getting actionable alerts on everything that you need but what they do is they correlate events into actionable work items they call them situations you focus on tackling the stuff that matters and you don't get bugged by all these extra meaningless alerts and it's great because it will great with all your it tools whatever you use its patented technology so this is where you gotta go to get it actually knows using it we have testimony from a company called hcl technologies you might know their award winning dry ice platform they're managed global it managed service provider and the drives platform integrates mook soft ai ops is the event management layer now this is from hcl technologies eight helps their clients streamline operational workflows reduce time in the detect to correct life cycle of incident tickets they have experienced in in real world numbers thirty three percent reduction in meantime to restore that's a lot faster means they could support more customers with service quality keeping operational costs low inefficiency high moog soft a ops i want you to know more about it if you're the it person you know you wanna know more about it so get your boss to go to move or you go and get a demo moved soft dot com show the boss reduce your it alerts tickets by up to ninety nine percent right now and still be more effective of course be more effective mook soft dot com to get a demo moog m oh come see the cow logo m oh a cow moo but the guy also liked synthesizers so it's moog.

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