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Early in to give me to it as you're not going to give me an opportunity to work these guys and see them kapiti evaluate them in the way that i want to so. I'll just go visit other people. I'll have them in very heated very competitive situation so so i can look at the film and evaluate my guys i can look at the film and make sure i'm teaching them and getting them to a point where we compete during the season veteran players ears guys who established you absolutely hate this so brady come out and say that he likes it because he's a different do than than that do right. It's not hard. It's not hard for that quarterback. It's not hard for tom. Brady go to practice tom. Brady is going to enjoy it because the way tom brady likes to compete is is visually right. It's mentally he wants to get these looks. I know i'm not gonna play in the game. They have different makeup aaron rodgers. I've seen it all. I've done it. I'm the best in the business doing this so i don't want to be here whereas matt leflore your first year coach you get your wits match wits with bill o'brien right. You get to see some of your guys who you don't know a lot about play against another team. You get to see what you're tied in how he reacts when his helmet is not about lonnie johnson on across her so all of these these things are good for coaches but for players. It's an extra fight that you really want to be in the reason tom brady. We'll.

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