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We're seeing a green wave far is equities go Bloomberg Daybreak with Karen Moscow and Nathan Hager. Kind of the effort is already laying plans for the next round of doses. U. S relations with China could take a twist weekday mornings at five Eastern. How Close was Tesla to Being part of the Apple empire on Bloomberg Radio? The Bloomberg business happened. Bloomberg radio dot com. Bloomberg, the world is listening. Senator Mitt Romney is hopeful the Senate holds a quick impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump, the Utah Republican tells Fox News Sunday. There's going to be a trial and the former president's actions in areas like the capital riot. Call for one to be held. The former Republican presidential nominee did not tip his hand on how he might vote on convicting the former president. The Justice Department is taking heat over reports charges may not be filed against some protesters who entered the Capitol building January 6th, The Washington Post reports. Officials are considering not charging those who just entered the building and walked around without doing any damage. The daily number of new Cove in 19 cases appears to be on a downward curve. Covert tracking project reports nearly 174,000 new infections over the past 24 hours. That's the latest I'm Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer. In the Bloomberg News Room. Top Democrats vowed to investigate troubling questions about the involvement of officials at the Department of Justice in efforts to reverse former President Donald Trump's election loss. Responding to a report by The New York Times, Senator Dick Durbin tweeted late yesterday that the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he will chair in the new Congress. Would take up the matter. The New York Times reported late Friday that Trump considered firing acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and replacing him with another DOJ lawyer, Jeffrey Clarke, who was prepared to back Trump's efforts to overturn the election. New York City teachers are among those getting their covert 19 vaccines. This after Governor Andrew Cuomo opened up inoculations for educators, high school teachers Sorry. Rosenberg got her first dose of the modern, a two shot vaccine last Tuesday and says she's looking forward to seeing her students in person. After teaching mostly online last year. I just can't wait and so All the teachers of accident and all this will staff and personnel are vaccinated. You can go back safely. Teacher Kids thean gullible image of Bernie Sanders bundled up in a jacket and mittens at the U. S presidential inauguration. Didn't just spawned means around the world. It also led to a massive spike in sales. We get more about that from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellet Burton snowboards. That's the Vermont outerwear company that made the coat senator War of Joe Biden's inauguration, said its website has been inundated with visitors over the past few days. Sales of the edge comb down jacket on Wednesday. We're more than double that of the previous 17 days combined. And the specific color warm by Sanders has sold out Charlie Pellets. Bloomberg Radio Global News 24 hours a day on here and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. This'll. His Bloomberg Business Week with Carol Measure, and Bloomberg Quick takes Tim Stenkovic from Bloomberg Radio. Your head will look a lot like 2020 unless.

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