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I think the thing about nineteen eighty general was musically. We saw a lot of people saying well. I'm going to just try something to try something different. Because the turn of a new decade. I think particularly nineteen eighty really. I think inspired people to think towards risk and rethink their relationship with failure in grace. Jones's was kind of perfect for that someone who was consistently and constantly evolving herself. Aesthetically sonically creatively. Grace jones just embodied so much. There's this thing that i hear. Black women say a lot. Now that i kind of agree holy with about how black women are often creating towards a future where people will be checking for the more robustly. And i think grace jones is really imagine lineage of someone who was creating for a future that people were not yet prepared for and i think the first real step in that direction is warm weather at which is not as celebrated as nightclubbing. The album came after it. And maybe not as celebrated as losing my life. The album came after nightclubbing without weather at those albums. Don't happen without her. Starting her work with the compass point all stars. Those other two albums don't exist. hi. I'm him directly from kcrw. This lawson's nineteen eighty grace jones. July twelfth nineteen seventy nine hours after mini riverton died in her husband's arms at cedars sinai medical center in los angeles fans began to make their way into comiskey park and richardson's hometown of chicago. Not as part of a memorial. The part of a promotion fans entered the park with disco records tucked underneath their arms yard. White sharks are to you in the nineteen seventy-nine chicago white sox season was mired in mediocrity as a calendar called into mid summer when most teams were stepping back and assessing. What a run at the playoffs could look like the white sox were a handful of games. Under five hundred worse even was there tenants which have begun slowly slipping around june and had continued to decline in july. Mike beck the director of promotions for the team can handle both a disappointing season and interest fans and so that connected with local radio station wwl. Up and they're shocked. Steve doll the goal of the night was to.

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