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Bitten by, a zebra dot com and you can learn all about the stuff I do and if you wanna. Hire me there's a contact button right there I'm I'm happy. To shoot your, dog I loved them to photo the dog yes Yeah The. Dog It depends on what kind of dog. They are But you did such beauty. I gotta tell you, you did such? Beautiful work. I'm though the one where's, my money love. It and, any anyone showed this they love it I. Mean all the. Little things that go with it, it's very cute. So as long as they file that's my goal so I can't wait to see you'll have to come. Back, on the, show when you do rock, sees yes I yes we, will work, on that and that will probably be I guess in the. Next, sometime, within the next year I love it well Bob thank you so much for being our guest today and for sharing all the special benefits of saving. Lives through fostering pets. And through your. Beautiful photography it's what you're doing a great thing so I thank you so much for. Coming on and sharing all that, with us today thinking the beautiful thing about fostering if there, are people out there who are interested in fostering it doesn't. Require you don't have to be a failed foster you can foster a dog for a month or two months or. A couple of weeks or even sometimes a weekend so, the chance to get an animal into your life As well which. Is, also, rewarding perfect and you know getting those animals out of the shelter always makes room for them to bring another animal into the shelter so another homeless. Pet has a chance. So you're by. Fostering you're actually saving lives in getting them out of their shelter my God I wouldn't. Wanna live in a shelter but, a home is always passed but it is the forever home, or even a foster home working their way to the forever. Home it's the goal I thank you and I hope to have you on again what your next book Allen joy. I look forward to it okay thanks a lot Bob Hi Dougie.

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