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No disturbed that that's the guy with the wto voice stressor is disturbed let's go to the video to down with the sickness is disturbed for the record i think you're right afriqiyha i know my early 2000s new metal wait i was having a steamed stain long me it's hard i look like erin lou aaron lewis is disturbed thank you thank you which one is the singer that banned no wayne static static x was kinda like disturbed but not as big men of these references us probably bounce it was a group regio twelve you know these revenues but you wanna work what's the right answer none of the i other new holy think i am all that don't play that game forty one too two hundred thirty seven got dan man i'll be thirty seven in two months vergt unable to those same age i just turned thirty six be overlap site is impressive you've done so much more with your life snow you know you have race a bmw from the historic collection of go to say other he say raise kit the net like that you raised a bmw would you two more theory 'cause you mean are a zd oh yeah how do you how do you get that to happen how does that happen that's the crazy thing right i mean when you when you end up in a car magazine you at the the thing about having working in a car magazine is that you have pages in the middle of the magazine because magazines of paper and you have to fill them with things and then you start thinking about.

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