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If you comment there, and we read on the show, we'll send you a copy musical by and I can happily endorse by as very happy Cosima of music by to code by awesome works grade to well, definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell. I'm at Carl Franklin catapulted the tweet. Trevor she goes on. All right. All right. If you wanna cut this out or not. But I have the clip of the squirrels you do. I. I've just gonna show you the of the squirrel. I wanna see the. Good radio is gonna may not. But it makes me happy. It's only ten seconds. Let's see. That's it. Why he he he did he comes in in a hurry. Right. Well, then we'll be that was worth listening to. You know, I will punch the put the clip on Facebook or something. Okay. We could we could add down. No, no, no. I think everybody wants to see that they do now or vice worl-. All right. We're real thing. Given the state load of people need more flying. Squirrels in completely agree. I'm not saying I was unhappy finding the clip. Well, we've had this Brexit debacle on the phone in the UK. There's a number of well nine political commentators have just resulted to getting little videos of of pandas. And yeah. Remember this? It became news of the, you know, the vote failing and the reporter just looking Cam going. I don't know what to say. I got nothing. And that's because these words like reporter has nothing. Well, I think I should properly introduce Dan here. Dan, north uses his deep technical and organisational knowledge to help does business and software teams to deliver quickly and successfully people's people I in find simple pragmatic.

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