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So that Michigan defense they get credit for a turnover after the Penn State bubble McSorley in Sanders can't handle the exchange would have its jumps off at Michigan will start at the Penn State forty eight yard line. We talked about how everything's gonna right? So far for Michigan. Jim this is the Third Reich. Now, they'll be in Penn State territory didn't get points the last couple so big what if you opportunity slip through there. Yeah. They have to take advantage. And obviously finished drives a minimum finished with points. Whether it's a field goal. Can't have any more getting blocked, but we board or once you get down in the red zone. Be able to close it out for for touchdowns as we know. Penn State could score to hurry to and they're normally a second-half team. It's so Michigan needs to start tightening the vice a little bit more because Penn State, they're not going away. Wait, they will fight till the better at Michigan will come out with two receivers to the left side of the formation people's Jones in the slot. Inside of Meco Collins. We'll go with two tight ends to the right. Ben Mason, the fullback is the ballgame. Wind up with a pistol behind Patterson I attend Michigan. Penn State fully. Here's the snap. The patterson. He will hand it off base of the big barrels straight ahead at six about six yard line gate of a couple Mike persons the leading tackler Penn State, despite the fact he is not started a game yet. This year comes up with a stop and that'll bring up a second down at eight and he tried to go low and got the worst end of the deal on Ben masonry thorough Bolden right over. But nonetheless. I was able to wrap up and make the stop for a few yards two receivers lab. Double tight ends to the write big checks. And now he's the pistol back behind Patterson's second data eight for the Penn State forty six Patterson served as the defense gets the snap hand off. He didn't wanna go Whiteside along the hash marks spinning bounces off the piled at hippo behind and driven forward. Doubtable forty yard line again Parsons in all the stop. And that's a gain of six it'll bring up a third down to for the wolverine for the Lebanon. Ten relating to the second quarter. Michigan holding a seven nothing lead. Nice shot by Higdon, just get north and south and following. You're.

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