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Allison Wyatt breaking now former CIA director John Brennan is vowing to fight back after being stripped of his security clearance by President Trump the, White House saying that, the move wising response to Brennan's quote erratic behavior and quote a wild outbursts on the internet Ranan and unabashed, critic, of the president who, called his meeting with Vladimir. Putin quote nothing short of treasonous saying he won't be silenced I. Will fight, on behalf of those who still have. Their clearances this latest battle with the president comes, after sixty former CIA, officers signed an, open letter on Friday condemning the president's decision adding their names the list of more. Than a dozen former senior intelligence officials. Who called Trump's actions that attempt to quote stifle, free, speech Matt's ABC's Tara Palmeri Now the latest traffic and weather together no major accidents on the areas highways right now. But there, is a, burst. Water main, at Hopewell road near Montgomery road the latest forecast from. The GNC weather center buy one get one. Half off set an iheartradio station cloudy skies today with a chance of rain and storms today's I in the lower eighties slight chance of showers maybe a storm, early tonight becoming partly, cloudy overnight lows sixty five sunny skies on Sunday high eighty five at a chance of rain and storms on, Monday, otherwise some sun and, a high of eighty four. That's the forecast from your severe weather station News Radio seven hundred. Seventy two, degrees right now the Hamilton county sheriff's. Office has launched an administrative investigation surrounding a social, media video recorded by, parents against predators, thirty two year old Ryan Parker is no longer an employee of the Hamilton county. Sheriff's office in the jail services section. Sheriff Jim Neal released The statement. Friday saying that Parker resigned after he was allegedly caught in an. Undercover video posted online the group parents against predators says it has a video of Parker trying, to beat a fifteen year old for sex no criminal charges have been filed at. This time Jack crumley News Radio seven hundred wwl w a sixteen year, old accused in several armed robberies will be, tried as an adult in a sixteen count indictment the, teen, is accused appointing a gun at several people in. Walnut heels and demanding cash and, allegedly firing a shot, at one of the victims and threatening to kill him, the teen, is being held on one point three million dollars bond and is due back in court, next, week the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Has died at the age of eighty is foundation, says, he passed away peacefully after a short, illness Kofi Annan was the first black African to serve as the secretary general of the United Nations the highest diplomatic. Office in the. World born in the Gold Coast now Ghana in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight on on. His first, job with, the Shortly after graduating university his long career spanned decades and even during his retirement he continued to work if you're. Seeing a peace deal and Kenya that ended months of violence and working on the Syrian peace. Talks with the Arab League in two thousand one he was awarded. The Nobel peace prize for his wife and revamping the gargantuan organization that's ABC's Julia McFarland News Radio seven hundred wwl deli sports here's a reds holiday. Villa verbs walk off home run in the. Bottom of the eleventh looked at the reds over the giants. Last night two to one Madison Bumgarner faces Matt Harvey tonight in game two. Of the series seven. Hundred wwl obese coverage begins at six ten with the salvage store USA inside pitch at tennis at the western and southern open the women's semifinals yourselfer today KiKi Burton's up against Petra Kavita at, noon top-seeded Simona Halep will go up against arenas linka at four the men's semi-finals have Marin. Chile up against Novak Djokovic, to Roger Federer battles David fan at? Seven? Here's the Bengals update preseason game two for the, Bengals tonight as they face, the Cowboys and Dallas coverage, begins at five thirty..

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