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And I used to drive all the way from Victorville wow watch our Jeanne moos sure well one of the highlights is always your yourself putting your quarterback chart even the great rep far room shelf we we lost a billion enough and the few times we played them but they always fear junior cell he was the nicest man here it always go up to the fence and sign autographs which our second row right there one of the end zone H. one two and section thirty one and the address is stolen and god bless his family he was the nicest he was not he was a highlight that whole stadiums at fifty five so no I listen you're I've I've I want to keep going I live in San Diego I watch junior play U. S. C. and he was such an amazing amazing player I still think I have the video saved on YouTube of him play the ukulele Oceanside pirate high school Oceanside high school he played for the pirates yeah I mean that's one were I think when when I found out that he had they have passed away I said I I told Twitter I hated it because you're bringing me such awful news on one of my favorite players of all time yeah that's it that's one that I'm glad that you mentioned thank you for the call arm let me grab one more call Ellen Virginia welcome you're on CBS sports radio Hey good morning this is Nick good morning a blast of the past Christian aid all their guns and sunny Juergens and I was whatever you're going there because I was I didn't know his real name yeah specially one one hour Marty was as coach the eleventh when Marty with the over the hill gay yep they are going to Charlie Taylor in in in and Haraway right away and Billy okay my man I can ask you how are you we were coming up with this one well I'm old I'm not that old but I think you're not that old I mean but that's that's one where I was at all I have already sunny Juergens in in the real gang or legendary but wow that's a good why why they had even gone there because I don't know just thinking of the old red skins you know someone said brigands earlier and John Taylor the those are great red skins and I like this you guys would play again I I interned for awhile on on the CBS station in Washington and senator gets in was the sports caster when I went in the first night is falling for somebody and so I've always loved Sonny and he's just he could run for mayor of the city and when it and down wow all right I like that thank you so much for the call appreciate it will continue with you we'll take more your telephone because I I was I I'm gonna write this all with the to the finish line the you guys come up with great ideas would be smoke coming back to play for Seattle who else would you like to see come back and play just one more time eight five five two one two four two two seven I'm mature sitting in for Amy Lawrence on after hours this is CBS sports radio if you are behind on your bills than this messages for you how would you like to have a large portion.

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