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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think Red. We have some baseball underway. Let's check Jay in with Brooks. Yeah, we'll start off with the O's going in there looking for a series win against the Mariners up at the but yards, not looking so good so early. Jenny, a two -nothing lead for the Mariners there in the bottom of the third inning. Kyle Bradish still for throwing the O's. That's looking for a series win this after in San Diego. In the series finale, Mackenzie Gore will get the start for Washington. That game at 4 10 this afternoon. Basketball, WNBA just starting the third quarter. Mystics on a third three -game win streak. The Liberty on a two -game win streak, and at the half it was a 45 -39 lead for Washington. This after a 13 -0 run at the start contest of the by the Mystics. Which Bodes, Washington head coach Eric Tebow, are these two teams becoming a rivalry? Us in New York is a natural rivalry. We played them in the playoffs with different personnel. Those games have enough pop to them anyway, but I think it could down the road. Especially the last game or two and a lot's on the line. Back to baseball, College World Series NCAA Championship Game 2 coming up in about 35 minutes at 3 o 'clock after LSU won game one of the best of three series against Florida 4 -3 in 11 innings yesterday and Major League rugby Old Glory DC taking on the New York hard workers from Mount Vernon New York's Memorial Field in their playoff debut. Conversely, New York's made the playoffs since they became a team. A six o 'clock start, you can catch the action visually on W -T -O -P sports. Still ahead on W -T -O -P, U .S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken telling Face the Nation the current situation in Russia is an unfolding story. It's 26. All the latest breaking news, a major announcement from Fairfax County Police. All the local stories that impact our region. We have an update on that incident in Bethesda. the All latest traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the 8th. There is swift water moving across the eastbound lanes of Route 7. It's all right here on Washington's top news 24 hours a day. W -T -O -P news. Everything you need, every time you listen. decal its biggest sale of the year half

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