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I hope you'll give it a shot it really is quite remarkable so we will be watching the state of the union address let us go to bill Portland Oregon the great to follow K. U. F. O. don't show a great one for blood to be able to talk with you yes Sir I know I know that whenever we have elected officials are doing things that just missed the files and really seem to belie any logic or common sense it's easy to begin to have our faith in our system shaken just a bit and I'm as I think about the Democrats in their attempt at stealing election and also basically you're surfing president trump I'm beginning to wonder if maybe this wasn't exactly what the framers had in mind and with that it will it completely appropriate for the Democrats rainy minority party attempt impeachment because the part to be able to actually execute on actually able to remove the president is so hot if they make the bad temper then it goes to the old adage if you attempt to assassinate the king don't miss the the problem with all this is look at the time of the turmoil that takes place as the result of a small majority tempering majority in the house of representatives absolutely not what the framers intended the framers intended the government to be relatively small they tried to define as best as they could in a governing document there is a responsibility obviously it'll be ambiguities in gaps they only met for five and a half months as they try to pull things together they wanted most of the activity to be in the private sector when you look at the ninth the memo we talked about this and I've written about it the night the member has a connection to the declaration of independence natural law unalienable rights and so forth what the Democrats are about is destroying all these institutions they're they're using the constitution to destroy the constitution and you might say will be this wonderful backlash and so forth there's not a wonderful backlash because Republicans don't do back lashes to the present United States is put through the grinder now he's under attack his family is under attack they probably many more good things he could be done if he wasn't you know having to deal with these other things and so I don't think it's exactly what the framers had in mind and there's really no historical evidence for that this this is a party that is been radicalized through the progress of the radical status progressive ideology which is a off shoot quite frankly of Marx and Engels and Hangal and to some extent resell these ideologies are alien alien to lock and Montesquieu and so many others that the framers relied on this is a struggle between a civil society in the iron fist this is a struggle between anarchy and a constitutional Republic and that's why hi I don't accept in a month to month even talking about I don't accept easy quick Hey isn't this good for us politically it might wind up being good for us politically but it's bad overall for the country anyway that's my view but there's more to it three there's also consider the possibility you get a president in office and he doesn't break like law but he does go one hundred eighty against everything that he thought he was going to do and you want on the page presidents for going against what they said they wanted to do that's not in the constitution complete you get out you're not listening to a word I say that's not treason bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors it looks to me there's a such minor things if somebody were to not misdemeanors is not what we mean by misdemeanors today there was no criminal code at the time it's not misdemeanors like Jay walking that's not what they meant listen carefully listen listen treason bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors they didn't mean criminal misdemeanors they explain what they meant they understood what these words ma'am through British common law they debated it and I want to suggest take a look at Madison's notes and you won't and you won't be side tracked by this thank you for your call sometimes I try and sometimes I miss Doug one from Texas and one from Texas the great W. B. A. pay go yes Sir yeah your honor honor to talk to the great warning for Rush Limbaugh hi I I have a small cell carcinoma number seven you should live or not bless you and so we sent them all from god but I'll get to my point because thank you for the the official blow act the only protection whistle blowers job for ninety days so I think it's time that after the market won't need to fire the whistle blower I don't know that he'll do that but but I do know what you mean this guy's treated like like he's the bubble boy yes Sir yeah and any and it's only because the media insist on of the Democrats and many Republicans that's why well I often strongly disagree with with rand Paul's code pink republicanism when it comes to foreign policy in this he's been a great leader in this he's been a great leader trying to expose the phony whistle blower and the whole a sleazy behind the scenes effort by him his friends former NSC personnel working for chef and chef and there's only a handful of them are really serious about this and there's probably did not only portion the stable either you're right I'm sure that between now and election she has got a lot of for now now where is well some Texas where some I'm sorry eighty miles south of Dallas why did my cancer treatment was at Houston which is about three hours away hundred fifty but a hundred seventy miles wide in the Anderson well the that's considered one of the one of the best places Sir that's considered one of the top places in the world this morning on a praise god and thank them for well I never smoked a day in the life but along with smokers can't you're in a lot of Blatter and the it was stage four when they discovered it how long ago that was that it was a two thousand twelve yeah about one inch of chemo for seven March the final surgery because small cell carcinoma wants to go to the burning and chemo doesn't work well because of the blood very which you know in the in the brain and so I had to DO cranial radiation just to make sure one of the sales are already migrated my god that's where it goes and and then we did surgery Feb you worry the nineteenth of two thousand thirteen and look up the ladder took to freedom must long testing cut instructions so the back together like a baseball of national Blatter show on one of the oldest Duggar falchion in one but I I have been going strong so yeah I've got the phone put not only for my dad to the hospital right now but they should go to home will come home thirty days of trying to get his health reform well your remarkable how old are you I'm fifty six yeah wanna yeah sure show well in the world it's not I think a long time I know you are take a look at your opponent the global war your own but I don't listen to your the reason I voted for Ted Cruz a four star yeah yeah I want to meet with him at that time you need in the primary way back in the Republic wayside when I yeah and yeah this last time you know one of them is closed Ted Cruz in general and he declined campaigning has heart now you wish capital hearing all during that time then but it was after blinder body could handle I don't think it is should the current US closings of warm but I think a lot of it was that the crews weren't really able to get out I I think he's wide awake now though he's he's pretty much everywhere Hannah well we got a deal for us representatives in Congress and the step is down so we've got children right now on that race but Doug I would say it's an honor to hear from you and I want to wish you all the best my friend of Mr producer sometimes it pretty well hangs up on me but I my goodness as for my watch group I think it's funny you haven't missed a call I am all right brother well good luck to you and god bless you and we'll be right back then are.

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