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You might meet someone but you still better than just sitting on your playing. You're right you're right about the coach. You write about the cultural thing. No because i think we need more of that. American style diagnosis just hanging gardens and drinks have dinner and not have any idea where it's going or any so of attachment to a second date or whatever comes next you know because we don't. We don't really do that. We just saw of staggered back to this. And the next thing in living together your retain you talk about not having data four years. But you know that whole thing. I haven't got drunk and go to someone's house but it's it is a very britain's very british thing and then sometimes i hook up so turn out to be something that could have been sort of ridiculous drunken hookup. So i don't know. I find it very interesting but i find interesting that you you must have made a choice to be single. Really be through those times. When you're saying was that true you haven't dated for four years or was that comedy now no longer than actually because i think got to ten years in the end right It was just the way when and it wasn't well i could say it's not for one trying but i was doing something so repel people but i'm just the way it went thinking the other day that a for me. I don't know if relationships fit. I genuinely have a conversation with yourself about stuff maybe out for that whatever is a me. I'm maybe i am genuinely knockout for relationships. Because they don't stick. I've done enough as well. It may be true. And the i think i think i was the same thing and i'm thinking like until i was ready to for shit when i met my wife but it but when i met my wife it was like it was suddenly quite different than the most serious relationships unhappy before it was it was. There was something that you know i wanted to like. might sign my stuff because my lifestyle especially when it's forty was like that probably my my sort of most..

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