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Stole it from our mutual friend. Joseph goldstein who talks about playing in meditation a lot. I don't have any original ideas me neither. I feel like we've done some good. And i'll use this term slightly playfully here of On introducing the concept of relational mindfulness and then giving people a few easy takeaways or one of us term. Easy to blithely but like doable things to play with their lives around pausing relaxing opening. You feel like we've given people a suitable introduction or is there something that we've missed that we we absolutely should dive in on before we let people go. No no i think this we recovered a lot. Yeah the one thing that i think is key is Really appreciating a moment of when you actually wake up in the middle of whatever you're doing in daily life because you know what that means. It means the practices working. You know and i always saw myself usually going like haven't been mindful at all. Look at me a lot of self judgement good to notice. But lately it's way more like A sense of joy so it's all closed with this like it's the pause that remembers and i really liked that. The pause remembers at the insight. Meditation society when i teach there. There's a space photo staff to eat in teachers. And then the door back to where all the meditators are here in. Silence the doorknob on top of it. It also says the pause remembers so that would be the main takeaway that he noticed that were pause in an really feel would like to be present in the midst of you. Know the messiness. Oh daily life. Next time i see you. I fully expect you to have the word pause tattooed on your wrist of to that have been hold many times once. Actually i was retreat in the person after retreat things. Wonderful blah blah blah but bar. I am tattoo artist. I got my gear with me offered to you for free at checkout. I've thought about getting the letters. I feel a little sort of ernest in an off brand way but i i think it could be useful f. t. b. o. A. b. for the benefit of all beings owe as a reminder to stop being so selfish and self involved by had. That's somewhere near my hand on my wrist or something like that would be. It would be full reminder but i to pain verse in chicken so and i don't like you jump in freezing lakes on the regular so i'm truly pain averse. Well this has been great. It's it's great to see you learn from my quest and thanks for doing this appreciate it. Thank you as well just thought. Maybe we could get together. Yes i would do that i would. I really would. If i go with you i would do it. Hokey promised pinky up. Oh four let you go after. We made that promise in public. If people wanna learn more about you working they do that. I am active at the new insight meditation center. I'm in new york base. Usually so they can find me. I also teach at the insight meditation society. And we've talked about our dear friend joseph goldstein. Oh teaching a retreat with him. The beginning of april and on my website my full name bart van. Malik dot com. We'll put links stall these in the show notes so if you wanna learn more learn from the man himself you can go do that bark. Great job thanks again. Likewise thank you so much and be well. Thanks again took part. Oh i just want to plug. Something here on barked behalf. He's doing an upcoming retreat. With joseph goldstein and roxanne dolt through. Ims the meditation society starting on april. Third there's a link to sign up in the show notes. I just got an email from joseph about this. Retreat is very excited about it so go check it out. This show is made by samuel. John's dj kashmir. Kim bye komo maria. Were telling jen plant with audio engineering by ultraviolet audio at always a shout out to ryan kesler and josh cohen at abc news. We'll see well on friday for a bonus from the great meditation teacher or in j. Sofer arrowed app for landon about nine page analysis of what i thought. He situation was from. Best case studios and abc audio. Listen to in plain sight ladybird johnson. A new podcast about the power of a political partnership one. That somehow doesn't show up in the many many accounts of linden johnson's hesitancy told through. Lady bird's own audio. Diaries and available now on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast app..

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