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Dallas leads Minnesota 16 to 14. But we talked a lot about CD, lamb and the acrobatic touchdown catch he made in the first half for Dallas about Adam feeling in a span of six days to go back to Monday night. Chicago he had a remarkable one hand grab. With the left hand against the Bears for a touchdown. Well, today he goes to the right hand in the back right corner of the end zone and halls, one in another one of those oil back in one hand, grabs for Adam feeling and this one result in a two yard touchdown catch. So Adam feeling continues to amaze Viking fans with his ability, especially In the red Zone to come up with clutch catches. He's now got five receptions today, 100 yards in the ball game, including the touchdown pass and on the drive. He also had a 51 yard reception that was set up by play action of fake the Dolphin cooking. Of course, Dallas has to respect that and feeling was wide open. Feeling now has 10 touchdown catches in the Vikings 1st 10 games, the only other Minnesota wide out to do that in franchise history. Is Randy Moss, and he's in the Hall of Fame, so the Vikings have clawed back. They're only down by 2000 Cook is back after that scary hit late in the second quarter, he's run for 49 yards and a touchdown. Kirk Cousins is throwing for 1 99 and one score. No picks. Andy Dalton is throwing two touchdown passes one day, Zeke Elliott one to see the lamb. He also has one interception. Elliot has gained 48 yards on the ground as far as Cowboys receiving goes Amaury Cooper, now five catches for 71 Yards Lamb for for 34. But again, this game has a lot of playoff repercussions. I know you wouldn't think it was Dallas being two and seven Minnesota foreign five, but the Cowboys were trying to stay alive in the NFC East. And the Vikings were trying to keep their playoff hopes as a wild card of float in the NFC right now, 6 10 to go in the third, Dallas up 16 to 14 here in the twin cities. All right, Thank you very much. Erik Nelson. So the Vikings you know, Jody every time you start toe try to believe in a team in the NFC north other than the Packers. The Bears were five and one. They let you down The Lions at the beginning of the year look like they're out of contention. They come back with a couple of wins. And then you start saying Well, maybe I was wrong about them, and then they fall back and the Vikings get off to that awful start And in our game under 500, they can get back to the 500 mark with a win today and they fall behind at home, But at least it's just the two point game now. I think we all need to stop trying toe put someone in the same class between May Parker's in that division. It's just It's not their rights, not the writings. It's not. The line's not anybody. Nobody's gonna be able to play with Green Bay this year. But the cult's just got a key for a stand against Green Bay. The culture up by 11 points with time to play in the third quarter, but on a key fourth and one Out near midfield..

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