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The Celtics, they'll take on the Milwaukee Bucks at 7 30. Kemba Walker among those ruled out for the game, But the team does have hopes that Tristan Thompson will play Celtics legend Paul Pierce was named the nominee for the Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2021 MBA opening night. Last night, the Lakers got their championship rings and a loss of the Clippers won 16 to 109 and the Nets beat the Warriors. 1 25 to 99 Bruins winner David Pasternack was named the 2020 Check Athlete of the year as voted on by the Czech media. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio, Brian Thank you. It's 8 43 back out to the roadways now and every 10 minutes we check in with Lori Grandi. It's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Very serious crash. Now this is on Gallivan Boulevard. It's right by truth straight in Dorchester. Reportedly, we're getting word that this is a head on crash. There will keep you posted on that situation again. It's in Dorchester on Gallivan Boulevard, right by Caruso straight. In West German Watch out for some big delays there. It's slow for about a mile route six eastbound approaching work crews by Willow Street. The right hand lane is the one that's closed there now the expressway South and still feeling the effects of that bright sunshine. We've been experiencing that we love so much but Constabulary I South on Expressway Heavy Columbia Road to Savin Hill again Granted Avenue. To squat in ST Lever Connector just slow now coming off a 93 getting onto store or drive still dealing with a crash in Cambridge. It's on route 28 or the O'Brien Highway South on just before the Gilmore Bridge. Laurie granted WBC's traffic.

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