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School was huge. Back in menton. So i was like always around mark and just seeing the leadership and say he just had a presence about on the ara and mark always believed in me to see you know he just loved loved my passion my craziness. I was a little bit off the wall and so they were starting to win cops and i'm just starting to establish myself as an eight thousand. Nine hundred mates played a little bit like an internal and they were starting to win. They're going they're dynasty. Run and i was out with the parties with their mark would always want me to drink from the cop. The old superstition and come on campus have a picture to drink now. mark. I can't do that. I'm going to win that on my own you know. he chuckled. Because we were winning seventeen games year. I think i'm gonna win it on my own. You know what i mean and so i was one of those kids. Same noack touch it now. Because you know i got to win it. And lo and behold. I try then when i became an adult travel to mark all over europe and his brother paul who were big mantras of mine. They were kevin low. I used to train with them. And just had such respect for them. And i was always around winners around guys that just that had the it factor knew what it took. Yeah any talent. You need skill as a team. But those guys i just love being around him. I just soaked up. I absorbed it like travel. The world how to hell of a time to and a lot of fun with them partying and what do you mean the off season. You guys are going having your everywhere. I went to we plan on going for two weeks. Stay for five. That's aren't talent. Too much funding cheap and did a lot of crazy stuff and all those. I'm sure there were no ladies who things we were crazy. It was fun. But just be inter- i use that as an example like just being around mark when he was twenty three years old at the time. I think we're in greece. And i was like eighteen. Nineteen i watch through. Nobody knew hockey. But i watched when he walked to in a restaurant bar. He just had that press office. Mario new presence somebody to talk to somebody you know. And that's leadership. That's you don't teach that so you know he'd send me notes when he was with you. Haven kevin lobe goofy notes before the game because we only play once a year at the time or twice year and we weren't good like i said so it was fun and games and i compete when we played against it but they were just really glad that i was getting my opportunity. Then a ninety two already played. Oh eight nine. Years and mark messier gets traded to the new york rangers and go. Oh man this is. Our biggest rival had weighed in talk for two years. We drilled each other in the face we wouldn't we laugh about it on the golf course now every once in a while but when i ever get to get out there with them but it was just that intense instantly your i just had him to stop one of the greatest players that have i don't whack and hackman mark was strongest ten men. He's going to hack. You're right yeah mark you know so even in the off season you wouldn't you couldn't even you know once in awhile. I shouldn't say we didn't hang but we hello and laugh little bit but then the season came in. It just stopped again so going to an incident that again. We're going all over but this is about my devils career and about influences in my life and was certainly a big one but gotta hated that he was in new york rangers and we had the series and lost ninety two and seven games. They were the better team. Ninety four apertures raise players series. Ever and i was so proud to be part of that disappointing. We lost them. That was our kind of progression. We won the cup the following year and ninety five. Were you guys saying the locker room when they when they guaranteed victory now mark always tells the star people you know he always says look sure off. He put his money where his mouth is. One of the greats of all time if i reflect. Now you're angry. You're pissed but mark believed it you know and the thing was we. We had them down to nothing in that game too. You know we. We did not to close the deal nerves. That's all about. We talk about learning how to win learning to go that step further having down three to have them down to nothing game. Six dominating for thirty minutes should have been five. Nothing mike richter who never gets enough credit was as good a goaltenders. I've ever seen stood in his head until the mark messier show took over and second half of the game that came back with a late goal and then they started to roll and we were tight as a drum. Couldn't hang onto the puck ranges at a lot of stanley cup winners on their team. Kevin lau's the mctavish is the mark. Sca's lynn anderson. They knew what to win and to come back from a deficit like that. So i if. I look back on. What a missed opportunity. No that was all us. We talk about it today. In today's game the experience what experience means bet one unit close. Now we're going to game seven. We tied up with seven seconds left. We think we're a team of destiny ended up losing double overtime epoch series but point being their time those veteran guys that one cups.

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