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Clearly, loved them comes here. Phenomenal work at the masonry put an exclamation point on it. You get a guy who didn't like a great workout. So be it. So what it doesn't matter? It's like you want your guys you like to be within a range if they nail it. Great. But they don't and they're within a range fine. So you come here ready to change too. Many opinions too key, though guys is the underclassmen we do not have verifiable measurable on any of these hundred and four hundred forty four underclassmen are now in the draft. Now that numbers is debatable. Because some guys aren't considered technically underclass, and but I have one hundred and forty four newcomers at weren't expected in and they are obviously you're going to be critical in terms of where they go because most of them first second third rounders, but we don't even know how tall they are what they way how they're going to test. What they're going to run. So that's key for those guys more than anybody else. Mel kiper junior with us here on golick and wingo. All right. I'll take the bait. Then who's the newcomer? You're most excited to see. Maybe outside of the couple obvious quarterback answers that we've gone through. Yeah. I think when you look at the the wide receiver position guys, and I think that's the key. When you think about a decay Metcalf at ole miss, and we've seen the photos, and you know to the sixty seven career receptions, which is it many. We know about the the bloodlines of decay Metcalf. I wanna see him physically and he's coming off injuries had a foot, and then he had a knack. How is he what is the feeling of decay Metcalf after this workout and TJ Hopkinson tight end Iowa talking about six five two hundred and fifty Pounder is he going to run a four five one Greg Olsen? Did what is TJ Hopkinson do in terms of a forty does that will I think determine whether he's in the top ten like, I think he can be or drops into the mid to late first round. You just did my favorite thing in all of football. Because we talked about all the injuries. And we talk about the body parts and not the at the injuries. Are he had a foot yet a neck? We all have feet we all have next, but we just this lingo we get into what we're talking about injuries. He had a foot injury. He had a neck injuries Mellat here this anymore. Mel can you still hear us? I think we may have lost audio with Mel kiper junior. So this is the point where we can say anything, and he can't get them to say anything. Well, it was so we'll hopefully get him back. But, but I I guess to me that's always been the question and how much you put on. I've had this discussion with Bill Polian so many times, and I know there's a range, and I and I get all that. And but, but I guess my thought is if you anybody using shorts and a tee shirt to bump a guy up that that drives me nuts. If you want to use it to say, or you know, what this surprise me. So I'm going to all go watch more tape on him or this disappointed me. So I'm gonna go make sure I believe the tape that I saw I get that. But to say. Was a one kid who did the broad jump of over twelve feet and also Jones, boom, he jumped up on the drama. Like, are you kidding me? Would actually that that paid out Jones a Yukon he set the record which would have been the world record of standing broad jump would say they'll do anymore. But it kind of he's played well for the Cowboys kinda justified the pick. But I hear what you're saying. I just I don't understand how those drills you're going to say..

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