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That I appreciated what he did Robert Schneider of Warren who worked at the old Chrysler plant became emotional when talking about I a coca man he said felt like family he saved our pensions and our jobs god bless them a fearless schedule for eleven o'clock Wednesday morning at St Hugo of the hills Catholic Church Michael who will be buried at white chapel cemetery in Troy John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty is this man and former presidential candidate Ross Perot has died at the age of eighty nine he ran as an independent in the nineteen ninety two election winning nearly nineteen percent of the vote made his mark on the race during a C. N. N. debate with this warning about the North America free trade agreement nafta and you don't care about anything but making money there will be a job sucking sound going south so we the people send me to Washington the first thing I'll do is study that two thousand page agreement and make sure it's a two way street family spokesman says Perot died at his Dallas home meantime former Wayne state professor work for Ross Perot says he could have been the first businessman president in U. S. history Frank Richter was a writer for the self made billionaire between his nineteen ninety two and ninety six presidential runs beyond that Richter says the founder of EDS also took time to help on international issues he cared about in the years in his presidential campaign yeah he got mercenary special forces people of mercenaries are you prepared to go in and stir up those people out EDS employees out of your own yet to Turkey and he always champion the P. O. W. E. N. in Vietnam like people like McCain and help the family Richter says Perot understood how to use the media of his era cable news in the infomercial to connect with people about the issues there are growing calls this evening for president trump's labor secretary to step down over a past plea deal he worked on for financier Jeffrey Epstein who is charged yesterday and multiple counts of sex trafficking and sexual abuse of minors pass the president will he stand by secretary a constant and it appears that he will he prays to performances so far in his administration the president didn't even say as some other administration officials have suggested that he was going to wait until the justice department was done reviewing how this case was handled that CBS is Paul reed reporting from the White House the Thursday bond hearing is set for up steam Michigan's Attorney General wants to stop clergy from dating their parishioners W. W. Jane news radio like fifties rob Saint Merri explains all the AG's office is charge six members of the clergy so far with sex abuse and the investigation continues Dana Nestle says the Michigan legislature should pass a law barring any consensual relations between a clergy member and a congregant she says other professions have similar laws due to such a power imbalance if you currently have a sexual relationship with the client that they represent they lose their lot way back you know think thing with the doctor so why should it be any different or members of the clergy but would such a state law regarding a religious organization run afoul of the first amendment Nestle says no and she'd be willing to defend it in court rob Saint Merri W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty on Wall Street the markets closed mixed today the Dow industrials giving back twenty two points W. W. J. business editor Marie Feldman tells us investors are picking and choosing stocks very carefully well it could be because the market is looking for signals about interest rates we should get some tomorrow when the fed chairman testifies on Capitol Hill in the mean time possible reasons to buy let's take PNC bank may because they're hiking their stock dividend by more than twenty percent today PNC is up a nickel medical device maker striker up ninety cents analysts covering the stock have mostly a buy rating on it same thing with domino's pizza it jump two dollars seventy nine cents that's over one percent we'll get more on your money coming up at six fifty five with the Bloomberg business report as president trump declares a state of emergency for California after two major earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks rocked the state some residents in Richfield nervous to stay indoors CBS is Jim crystal reports many earthquake victims including Jorge Martinez had been sleeping or trying to at least in vehicles tents and even on cots in the driveway of their home first time we went out to my father we know in the desert we just let them the truck camper with a really good job and tensing Tino Martinez has spent the past several lights in a tent in a city park there were children spend the day playing in the sprinklers Jim chrysalis CBS news ridgecrest California the hurricane protection levees around New Orleans are sinking faster than expected reporter Dave Colin tells us that climate change of authorities looking to the government to try and maintain the level of protection designed after hurricane Katrina engineers say the nearly fifteen billion dollars system built after Katrina to protect New Orleans from future hurricane devastation will soon not be up to the new standard as a result of sea level rise and sinking ground US senator bill Cassidy says the army corps of engineers is asking for another eight hundred million dollars to fix it I think we'll do it is so important but that's a challenge Cassie says a work to convince colleagues that after the federal system failed and Katrina is.

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