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Dot com twitter handle at. Dp show i think we came up with a poll question correct mclovin. We did which one era. I have another one. More before sean. Okay if you could buy a ticket or have a ticket to one game the opener cowboys at box or the week. Four bucks at at patriots. Now you're neutral fan. You're not a patriots fan. Which game is the musco to game. If i'm a neutral fan neutral fan yeah. You're not a patriots fan. You're not a tom. Brady fan i would go to the cowboys buccaneers really. Yeah yeah i would season opener. Cowboys always interesting. And i mean the one with brady and new england is is personal certainly for new england fans. But if you're not a patriots fan. Or buccaneers fan than i would think the cowboys might be a little more interesting. For you yes boeing. I wonder if you offer a boston. Sports fan tickets to the patriots hosting tom. Brady this season or a plane trip to the super bowl. I think that'd be a decision because well know who's in the super bowl and you patriots aren't so we're not even the we don't even know what's happening in the super were. The patriots aren't in. Because they're not that i would rather take the game against brady. Let's bring dan. Shaughnessy boston globe sports columnist. How big a deal is this with this regular season matchup brady come to town well dan. That's a bigger deal than your mates. You're going to the cowboys opener. If you're neutral at let's say. I'm not a patriot fan or brady fan. That's the season opener pomp and circumstance. You got you. you've got concerts. You've got all kinds of things. I hear that and again. I don't consider myself particularly provincial. But this thing there's so much pay those here so much history build up as you say it's personal. It's epic i mean you got. There's going to be arguments for both of these to be the greatest ever what they did and they were together twenty years. They went to nine super bowls. They won six of. I mean yeah the notion of him coming in there after winning the super bowl after leaving hard feelings. In foxborough bob kraft. They're schmoozing on the sideline and all the anger. The anger we have here in new england patriot. Fans it'll be a rare night. Though dan they'll be chair no matter what because they they love the patriots and they love brady. So there's going to be a lot of cherry every time either one scores but we wondered yesterday if before the game brady gets it out of the way in acknowledges bill or vice versa. Because you know. Robert kraft is going to be on the sidelines. Hugging tom but kissing. Okay but what happens with radian. Bella check either before or after the game.

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