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It's it it really is like a call for your long road crash that everyone can't stop talking at and so that that's not going away and he actually you know the crowd loves it and so as as as absurd as it seems and as just lacking in gravitas and lacking in the stature of the office the people in the audience were absolutely enchanted our headlines here within a senior editor were suppose mark Fisher you guys so that's another story breaking right now more trump staffers have come down positive call the nineteen and I guess the last or you have on the front page your digital section today which damn you scares the hell out of me it's as boring a landslide election night might not yield a result in the White House race let's hope not let's hope I'm I mean again you know I have a lot of friends as I mentioned before you know that are are Republicans and I even I know them they don't even want it everybody wants this thing that's move on but well that's true but the you know the fact is that unless there's some miraculous change in the virus which is not going to be we're gonna have a lot of voting by mail in November a lot and you can't count mail ballots in one evening and so there's going to be a long drawn out process in many states you have some states reporting before others so the results on election might look very different from the final results so there's all kinds of opportunity for mystery of all kinds of opportunities for people to spin things that turned out to be false down the road and and yet if you look back just twenty years ago in two thousand that we had an election that took months to resolve and everybody it was fine I mean people made out of like the result in the middle of like the rules of court played but was accepted by the people and the administration charged forward but something al gore I'm I have to I mean you know they want to look back on and that's a little bit different but great great digital other great date of it to be digital subscriber to The Washington Post a great stuff there check it out once the post dot com mark thank you so much to be well take yourself right it is a flushing out again senior editor of The Washington Post mark is coming up when do you need to wear a mask and how safe or elevators that's next on KGO since work from home is the new normal it's.

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