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That was even a topic of conversation. Brought that up because I've been around long enough. I covered the nineteen Eighty-six draft. And bow Jackson told the Tampa Bay bucks. I'm not I'm not playing for you. He was upset with the owner. Hugh culverhouse. They had picked him up when he was playing baseball for Auburn in a private plane, and it cost him his eligiblity. He had he had the missed the last couple of weeks of the season, and he was really irritated about it. He kept he wanted to play baseball. He said, I'm not playing for you. I they draft him. And he would any ended up playing baseball a couple of weeks later he signed with the roles and Utah. I mean think about it you I mean, how what an ill-fated franchise that was at the time you draft the first player, and you know, and he doesn't play for you is that the reason why in two thousand and four when I was with the bucks they were in the same temporary trailers next to him, you missile. I don't know if Culverhouse owned the team back, I think it had transferred ownership by the place those same facility. I mean, it's it's stunning to think about that. Well, imagine. Yeah. You're exactly right. And you can think where how important that pick is and the amount of time that we've all spent discussing how you're going to actually allocate that pig and the investment that you're going. To make and how the could be even an inflection point for an entire franchise. And then to have nothing to show for it. And there is no way you're not going to get a compensatory pick because the guy went and played baseball. It just doesn't work that way. The other teams are gonna be like off mentioned a figure that on the front end shouldn't send your your private plane in messed up his ability. But that's how I mean for anybody. Who knows both that things never got over that. And he the sad part for both. I think if he only played baseball he would be he would have gone down as one of the greatest major league baseball players of all time. No doubt. And well, look how many guys do you know that could be an all star. And an all pro. Yeah. There's just not that many. You know, Brian Jordan was one of the best dual sport athletes. Not a lot is spoken about him played safety for the falcons played outfield for the Braves. But when you think about dual sport athletes, any Michael Jordan with the Birmingham Barons. Now, it's it's Bo Jackson. Chance for the the guy playing up in Syracuse right now in and. I guess he he could suddenly quadruple his batting average. Is that what's going to happen? Heck of a football player the great football. Yup. And so are you twenty years ago? Even though you don't remember anything about it. We have the video, and it's pretty embarrassing video. We just put a picture of you on Twitter that you look like a plow. Boy, do I now does it does it have. How many chins do? I have in that photo. Yeah. Let your high school prom or I can't quite can't see it that well from over here. All I'm gonna pretend as if I can't comment kid Matt will be with us. He'll he'll be on your later won't be with us. We're done Matt. Thank you very much. It was always fun. Matt stench gum, thirty minutes remaining on this show. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. We are glad you are here, and we will be calls rest of the way at eight five five to four to seven to eight five if you would like to give us a ring checking with Bill in Charleston. Hey, bill. Welcome to the program. Good afternoon. Hey, politics speaker. How'd you hear me? Now, you sound great. Thank you. Good. Listen, I was listening. I haven't I've been away have been involved with grandkids and something so I haven't seen any of the programs within the last say week or so but did catch Fred from plano some point time. I would love to sit and chat with Fred many years ago acted as a prosecutor done a lot of things..

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