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Here's Donna Naperville Illinois great to have you Sir how are you hi rush happy thanksgiving from the western suburbs of Chicago thank you Sir earlier in the show you mentioned that the Democrats have all kinds of reasons for wanting the impeachment thing to just go away speeded up speeded up speeded up what you are fond of calling Mitch McConnell the turtle and I really hope that this is one of those times when he is in fact a turtle I think there's a golden opportunity to show the difference between what Adam Schiff dots and what the what do you actually have a real trial call real get somebody who represented the other side he'll do all that yeah he'll he'll do all but that's mandated thanks man that he hit that all of that will happen and I'm convinced that he's going to take his time with because this is what a trial is where the Democrats are gonna get blown out of the water and can be followed by an acquittal and we'll leave it I don't want the Republicans to hear the Democrats to sound like you know Hey we we did all this nice and slow and then there and then the Senate blew it off I hope that's not the case yeah I understand you you're afraid that the the turtle might take this and try to get it done inside of a week just to get rid of it and blow it off because there's nothing well here's the thing in truth because of the nature of the evidence here don a trial may not take more than a week it's simply not depending on how many hours a day they devote to it because they don't have anything all they've got is a bunch of people that have never met trump was second in her own hand thirty AM versions of what trump supposedly did they don't have any evidence of breaking a law that nothing in it wouldn't take that long but the turning could use a trial as you're suggesting as a opportunity for Republicans to put a lot of stuff on the record about this there's something that tells me the old that it isn't going to get to a trial I don't I can't offer anything firm is just one of my gut reaction.

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