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Is is way heavily into guys bringing money and and I, I don't wanna call anybody out, but that's just the fact of it in guys, you know, the the model is like, oh, we'll if I bring the team this much, they'll pay me this percentage back. And it's like it's such a flawed system to. I mean, you can rep your head around it and tell yourself it's a great thing, but I wanna do right by the team and the the people that are supporting the team and that are heavily invested into making team go. I'm in the minority when I'm not paying to drive these races and and a lot of people think I am and I don't correct them a lot of times because it honestly keeps other drivers with sponsorship away because this is a very evil business. There's people all the time that are all we can do reach out to my sponsors. All we can do better job or the best was we can make our Cup car looked just like Russ's extended car. It looked just like it in and then you'll be in the Cup race, and it'll be cheaper than the extent of the race in. It's like. Okay. Well, I'll just go around the Cup race, and that's how my Cup deal got going last year. So in the top that the best sponsorship story I ever had was we ran Indianapolis with my very first race, and I'm gonna be honest on here, right? Yeah, sure. It's I've told story little bit. So I wrote my first race at Indianapolis, finished tenth with turn one, Stacy Compton. Cole and the red bull trout finishes. He's all torn up. I finished tenth, scratch on the truck. Did my first restarts in a national deal Dema I live pitstops ever. I was using the clutch to shift. I didn't know what I was doing. We've finished tenth. Bristol was announced our, you know, we knew going in with our next race. The national watermelon sociation and promotion board got a nice little letter from NASCAR. Offering them to sponsor the Bristol truck race. They could have Ross in sixty six truck and they could have sponsorship of the race. Letter didn't come to me. It was never asked run by me run by the team. No, none of us knew it, but I got a nice less than a minute. After it came to them, they saw it pop up a Ford at me and said, hey, what? What's this about? You know, we don't have the sponsorship for this. We barely put this program together with you. We never brought it up NASCAR. It was just probably that somebody in their business development side that maybe they do that with everybody. I don't know. It never happened again, but then what you at risk, it was like it opened my eyes to like, okay, I can play ball. I can play ball real wealth, and we will. We know that now and I'm glad it happened so early because it really taught us a lot. So the rules of the game Ross are essentially. There's less money to go round, but the whole pie shrunk a little bit. So drivers are just going to have to take less. That's something that you in. Sounds like many in your generation or just accepting of the days of Cup stars making eight or ten million dollars a year, and there being several in that Strada on the premier series or gone for your general? I wasn't around for those times if I wanted to make money, I would have stayed at the farm girl more and sold more watermelons. You know, the business had a racing is what it is. And I mean, look around this place man, like it's still surreal to be. Here can be a part of this in in to not to just be a hired. Driver is a very small group of guys that that get to do that these days, as she said, we're sitting here Chip Ganassi racing, but you've got one race left Richmond on Friday, any chance for more races with them or a greater reliance with them or DC solar. Her getting involved now that you're an expanding winner, and obviously you're going to have a better chance..

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