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Player in the truest sense. A lot of times they looked like golfers is well, he kicks it low enough with the rugby style right And it's It doesn't get high so the wind could take it back. That was a really nice kid, Seventh in the nation in that punting average at just under 45 yards, so Clemson could do with 49 seconds remaining in the half. From their own 23. Lawrence will put it in the air, going down the left sideline and never saw it. At the 40 yard line. He was looking back, but never could locate the football and drops in complete Trevor through that, even before he Shot around. Defendor. Fortunately for them for Macleod, Clouds running with them, but he can't keep up with them, and that could have been a huge play. He had beaten the linebacker Macleod for sure down the left sideline could have been big yardage for Clumps of stuff brings along second down and 10 44 seconds to go in the half set up the screen on TNT. 20 cuts back to the middle 25 30 tackle from behind of the 32 Yard line, picks up nine. A lot of times you want to go to the numbers right set up the screen, but then they give him the flexibility to say okay to start on the numbers, But if everybody blocks out Attack the middle of the field, which he did, and I gave him the 10. So from the 34 fresh set of downs, clock stopping momentarily, Lawrence throws over the middle got his tight and Galloway the 50 dragged down behind of the 47 Yard line of Miami Quickly. Clemson moving down field 19 seconds to go before halftime with the clock stopped momentarily in the first down Lawrence Welk locket here, though, so down Into Miami territory here. Another big player so away from being in field goal range. 21 23 the Tigers lead over Miami 17 seconds to go in the first half. Brandon Galloway is having a nice game and these type. These linebackers can't cover him, and they're almost kind of you. Safeties Mark Carter's about Thegame Girvan Hall. Really attacking. The interior defense, especially that 2nd and 3rd level with the tight end position. Please come in before clamps and get the next play off now. Move. It reminds you of Jordan leg, but he couldn't really block on the complete title. You know how to United Scout these tight ends all American Charles Arbuckle out of use. It's a position to me that if you if you played hoops all your life you've got some athleticism and you've got a big behind and you could put it on people and run your good. Alright here go back to throw hit as he throws us, Florence this time. Bounces in completed 30 yard line going over the medals. Pressure comes that time from Miami and Lawrence, That's not able to get anything on that throne. Spurs shake coming.

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